The Dream Catcher

The Dream Catcher originated with the Ojibwe people and later adopted by most Native Americans as adreamcatcher symbol of Unity among the various Native Nations. The mothers and grandmothers would weave magical webs using willow branches and sinew or cordage made from plants. It was believed that the Dream Catcher would catch the bad dreams and only let the good dreams pass to you in your sleep. Once the sun rose all the bad dreams and thoughts that were caught in the web would disappear.

We can learn a lot from those that have gone before us and lived a life that we can’t even imagine today. I think we could all use a Dream Catcher these days to help filter the negative dreams and thoughts we all must face in the day in and day out fight for control of our own mind. It is absolutely true that we are what we think and if your thoughts are positive and good then you can experience that in your life but if they are negative and bad then that will be your experience.

We all have Dreams that we wish our life would be like. To some it’s more time, for some it’s more money and for some it’s just a simpler life. Too often we get caught up in the “keep up with the Jones” mindset and think we need to have the new house, two new cars, the credit cards and material things that we see others with and compare our situation to theirs with envy. I know because we have been there as well. We had the new house, we had a Lexus in the driveway a Corvette just sitting there and our daughters drove nice cars as well. We looked like we were living the Dream but in reality we were up to our eyeballs in debt and really didn’t own anything. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with having the nicer things in life. . . when you can afford them. Just don’t become a slave to debt to the point that you loose control over your precious life.

simplelifeWe call it “The Simple Life” now. Our Dream was to get out of debt where we could enjoy what we made and live a life full of Joy instead of stress. We still have a nice quaint little house, we live on the lake with a boat in the slip, we have nice vehicles and all but the best part of all is we have NO payments. We do pay rent and it took us 6 years to find our current dream house that is a small cabin like place with a big screened in porch right on the lake, no place I’d rather be. We work for ourself, get up when we want and do what we want with whom we want and spend lots of time just enjoying LIFE. That was our Dream and we Love our Simple Life. We caught our Dream!

We don’t tell you this for envy but to say that after 54 years of living we finally sat down and decided what was important to us, where we wanted to be, and designed a life that fit that situation. You can do this too! If you are buried in debt, stressed to the max and not happy with your situation then You are the only one that can make the change. Maybe it’s time to Catch Your Dream and simplify Your life? This is a process and you can’t change your situation over night but you can change the direction you are headed. We see people all the time that jump into Network Marketing because they bought into the hype and thought they would make a fortune overnight. Problem is that Network Marketing is not a “get rich quick” plan. But it is a way to change the direction and reset the sail so to speak.

We love Network Marketing because it gives the average person the best opportunity to live their Dreammake it happen deananddena if they will just Commit, Educate and ACT. Commit to the process and find your reason that is going to keep you going even when your struggling to get started. Educate yourself with the knowledge to move your Networking journey forward. Learn what you need to become a Successful Networker and develop the skills to inspire others to do the same. But most of all, ACT! Take Massive Action and do the deal, don’t just talk about it Do IT! If you wanted to earn a Doctors pay you would have to commit to being a doctor, educate yourself on how to be a doctor and then go be a doctor. Networking is the same process. Commit to the change, Educate yourself in the “how” and Go forth and Be a Network Marketing Success story.

People ask us all the time “what are you selling?”. Know what, we sell the Dream! The dream to be better, to live fuller and Enjoy Life. The Dream to be who you want to be and to live the Simple Life that everyone dreams about. Can everyone do it? Yes but not everyone will succeed at it because their reason, or their “Why”, just wasn’t strong enough to push them to change. Want to change where you are then you have to change what you are doing and change your daily habits to lead your life in a different direction. Catch Your Dream!

We work with all kinds of people from different walks of life. Professionals, blue collar white collar, moms and housewives, young and old and it really doesn’t matter where you are, it matters where you want to be. We can give you all the tools and education to learn a new life-skill that can Dramatically change the direction you are headed. All you have to do is Commit, Educate and ACT! It really is that Simple!positive

Want to know more about what we are up to and what we are doing that might benefit you? You can always visit our personal site at to get to know a little bit about us and what we are up to, learn what we are doing that allows us to Live the “Simple Life” that might interest you. We have the opportunity, we have the education and all the tools you need to get started and Keep Going, but most of all we have the support you need when you have questions, or need help in getting your business started and rolling like a freight train. Don’t go it alone, learn from others that have gone before you and lean on our expertise till you become the Expert Yourself. We can help.

If we can be of service to you just reach out and connect. We have many ways to reach us via social media, phone, email or whatever you like best. We are only looking for those that are looking for us and we certainly hope that is YOU!
Join us Today at Super Dream TEAM! You’ll be Glad you did!

Can’t wait to meet you All and see you on the Beaches of the World!

Ever Onward! cause that’s how we roll!

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Dean and Dena


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Dean and Dena

So Your New to Network Marketing

Deciding to become a Network Marketer is a Big decision. You took your time and did your research and decided to take the plunge, jump in feet first and become a Networker. You are going to Rock this “thing” and change your current lifestyle and financial situation. Great Move!

Now what? Now is the time to commit to your new mission andjust the facts here are a few things you Really need to lock in your mind. These are some cold hard facts about Network Marketing that will determine if you will make the first 90 days, first 6 months or even your first year in Network Marketing.

First you MUST remember why you started in the first place. What was it that made you step off into this new endeavor? What is your “Why” that is going to keep you going on the bad days when you just want to quit? This needs to be right in front of you Every day to remind you why you started and what is the reward for keeping on and staying the course. You need to be very specific about your “Why” so that you know Exactly what it is that you wanted to accomplish. Make a vision board or post some pictures, write it down and carry it in your pocket or whatever you need to do to keep this front and center so it keeps moving you in the right direction.

You have to know that Network Marketing is a “Long term” commitment. This isn’t something you can “try” and see if it works for you. It works for those who put in the effort and stay to the course. Network Marketing is built for “Residual Income” and you have to have a long term commitment so you stay on course and continue to move forward. If you are willing to put in the time and effort now, and hustle now building your organization then you can reap the benefits for years to come. But, You have to be committed to process for the long term and get rid of the idea that you are just trying this thing out. Do today what others won’t and you can do tomorrow what others can’t!

acceptYou need to release all of your need for “acceptance” from your friends and family. You have to know that what you are doing is for You and not them. It really doesn’t matter what they think or what they say because it is Not their journey. If you require that everyone is going to support and or accept what you are doing then you will not make it in this business. Know that some are going to talk trash, laugh at what you are doing and even tell you that “that stuff never works” but it’s all just their fear and ignorance and not yours. You cannot surround yourself with people that don’t support you and cannot see your vision. Some may even have to go! You need to know that some people just cannot see themselves ever succeeding so they will do anything they can to make sure you don’t either. You do Not need this acceptance or approval from them because you started this journey for a reason and you are making changes to improve Your life and change Your current situation.

The benefit of Succeeding in Network Marketing is that you lift yourself up to a better lifestyle and financial freedom. You free yourself from debt and a life of working all the time. You improve you financial situation and lifestyle in ways that set your Free of the oppression that has become the American dream. Go to school, rack up debt, get a good job, that pays little, work your life away and MAYBE some day you can retire. What a joke! Maybe back in the early American industrial days this was a good plan but in the job market today it just doesn’t hold water. Success with Network Marketing leads to Freedom! We call this the “Simple Life” and we Absolutely Love it. You can have this Simple Life as well if you commit and stay the course.

You need to start to work on Yourself and improve your skills readyand mindset. This includes self improvement through books, videos, seminars or where ever you can indulge your mind in a Positive and Creative learning experience. You cannot spend all your time watching TV and expect to change how your life is going. If you spent near as much time in Positive Life Changing content as you do watching that dream stealing box called TV you would see a major difference in what is going on in your head. You have to improve yourself to see a better You that is going to learn how to be successful in Network Marketing.

When you are new to Network Marketing it is the most important time of your new career. You took on this new endeavor so that you could make Positive changes in your life. You wanted things to be different than what your current situation was and you had enough vision to see that Yes You Can do this. Now is the time to learn and most importantly DO! We call this: Commit, Educate and ACT! You must commit to what you want to accomplish, You must Educate yourself on how to accomplish this and Most Importantly you have to ACT! Just DO It!

You need the tools, training and systems to make your new business work and we can help you with this. We have put together a “Game Plan” that includes all the parts of the puzzle to Succeed with Network Marketing. We bring the tools of the trade, the training you need to get started and moving forward and we bring the Support that you need to keep going. We have done the research and have a ground breaking opportunity that brings real value to the marketplace in an 8 Trillion dollar industry. We have put together a suite of tools to take this opportunity to the masses and market this program like a Pro. By joining our team you get all the support you need to stay the course and reach that level of Success that You want So bad.

Want to know a little more about what we are doing? You can get all the info at or visit our personal website to get to know us better and see what we are all about. You can find us at and you will have access to all our contact info so you can reach out and connect.
Please let us know what we can do that will help move you forward on Your journey to Massive Success with Network Marketing.

Can’t wait to meet you ALL!

Ever Onward! cause that’s how we roll!


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Dean and Dena



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I Fell into the Trap

As we go through life we sometimes let our mind dwell on ttraphings that we really have No control of. We fall into the trap of letting our own mind drift off into worries and strife that we couldn’t change if we wanted to. There is an old saying; “It’s all in your head”, well that is certainly a True statement.

Too often we give time and thought to worries and ideas that really have no effect on our daily life and yet we let our mind spend hours and hours dwelling on them and processing our assessment of these situations. Telling our selves that “if only it were different” and “that’s not what I would do” or “he/she really needs to change” and such. We fall into the trap of worrying about stuff we can’t control.

PoliticsPolitics is a Great example of this. We all fall for the hype and daily stories of he said, she said politics, the news of the day and all the nonsense of what the media portrays as important. Don’t get me wrong, there is some serious stuff going on in the world today, but I can’t change it. I can cast a vote and hope for the best but I can’t change what is going on in the politics of Washington. I, and I mean I, fall into this trap all the time. I read way too much news and get all uptight and wound up over stuff I can not change or have any control of. Why not spend that time on stuff that really matters in my life today?

Sometimes we spend too much time worrying about tomorrow that we forget to “LIVE” today. Spend your time being Grateful for what you have instead of unhappy about what you don’t have. Don’t fall into the trap of wasted energy worrying about how you wish things were instead of being so Thankful for what you have in your life that really matters. It’s your mind, Control it! Take control of your thoughts and change the way your mind spends it’s time and you can become the person you truly want to be.”It’s all in your mind”, make sure it’s positive and productive not negative and destructive.

Change your thoughts and you change your life. Stop spending so much time on things you have no control over and start living in today. What can you do Today that will make a difference tomorrow? It really is Your choice and You have control over your thoughts and the importance you give to different situations. It only matters as much as you are willing to let it matter. Remove negative thoughts and even negative people from your daily routine and you will see a Big difference in how you view life.your time

We all fall into the trap but only you can find your way out. Positive thoughts attract positive actions. Don’t let your mind trap you into being negative or even worse, hateful. Nothing good comes from hate. Stand guard at the door of your mind!

We try real hard to surround ourselves with some of the most Positive and Entrepreneurial minded people we can find. We lift each other up and give a helping hand to those who at least try to succeed in life. Be Positive Today! We don’t care where you have been but we sure care about where you are Now and where you want to go from here. Take control of your thoughts and you can change your life.

Please let us know what we can do that can help you avoid the “trap”. Need to be surrounded by Positive and Motivated people? Check out our group and see if it’s a good fit for you. We work daily on making our partners more Successful in every way, you could be the Next Big Success story!

You can always find us and all our contact info at so please feel free to drop by and let us know how we can help You.

Can’t wait to meet you ALL!

Ever Onward!


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Dean and Dena



Why Texas?

So, we have been asked by several people recently “Why Texas”?

“How can you ever expect to have a successful Network Marketing business if you just focus on Texas?” So many people are taught that you need to be “Global”, you need to be everywhere with your marketing efforts and market to anyone and everyone that will listen. And that is fine if you want to just be on the computer and tied to your internet connection like an umbilical cord. Plus the attrition rate of this style marketing is over the top with people that join and drop out a month later because they didn’t texas flagmake it in the first 30 days. It’s a mess.

So, Why Texas? Having been in network marketing for many years we have learned that Network Marketing is a relationship business, a people business and requires a certain amount of face to face interaction to build the relationship and trust so people stay with you and stay focused on what we are trying to achieve. We believe that too often people want to just hide behind their computers and mass market to people they have never met, signing up lots but struggling to keep any on board. The attention span on the internet is way too short. Too many marketers just sign people up and throw them to the wolves and hope they make it.

We are taking a different approach to our new group. We want to work with people right here in our own backyard that we can get to know and build a relationship with. We want to meet you and learn what it is that you are looking for and why you are wanting to start a home based business. How in the world can we help you if we don’t even know you or what you are about? How can we help you reach your goals in this business if we haven’t taken the time to figure out where you are now and where you want to be? By focusing our efforts on Texans, right here in our own back yard we get to work with people one on one to help them get on track, commit to their goals and learn how to move their business forward.Austin-TX-Card

There are over 21 million people in Texas. We live in the Austin area and have almost a Million people right here in arms reach. Why not focus on those we can meet and build a working relationship right here in our own back yard? Why not help improve our “local” economy by building leaders we can work with on a daily bases? Network Marketing is about “Networking” with people, not hiding behind a computer screen all day. To be successful in Network Marketing you do NOT need to sign up hundreds of people to make the big bucks you just need to find a hand full of True Leaders that share your vision and work with them to build them up and make them successful and your business will grow like crazy.

We created Great Texas Minds to be a local group of like minded, entrepreneurial marketers that share our vision of Greatness. We truly want to work with people right here in Texas that are committed to making it work and willing to stay the course. People we can get to know, have a lunch with, do a meeting with or help in whatever way they need our help. We are not looking for followers, we are looking for Leaders that just need a little help in getting their business off the ground and running toward Success. It’s not about us, it’s about YOU! It’s about making your dreams and goals a reality so that you can find Success in your own business.

We have put together all the parts of the puzzle so that you don’t have to rely on guess work or go searching Google for that magic button that is going to make you rich. We have a plan, we have the tools, we have the training and most importantly we have the Support that will keep you going when you most need it. It’s called Network Marketing for a reason! Let us help you build your network of leaders and success stories.

WanGTM dott a little more info? Just go to Great Texas Minds website by clicking the link here. and see if this might be a good fit for what you want to do. We have put together all the parts you need to get started and up and running a Successful home based business. Need some help? That’s what were here for, just ask. We don’t try to convince anyone, we give you all the info and stuff you need, But, you have to have that burning desire to make it work. You have to decide that It’s Your Time and NOW is where you are. Commit, Educate and ACT! ! ! That’s how we roll.

Why Texas? Why Not? Let’s get to know each other so we can help each other. As always, you can learn more about us by visiting our personal site at Get to know us and see if what we are doing is a good fit for you. If so, just reach out to us and let us know how we can help you out. Oh, and do we Only work with Texans, of course not. We are willing to work with anyone that has a burning desire to succeed. It’s just that here local we can be more accessible and work more one on one with our partners in business. If you got the desire, we don’t care where you are from, we only care where you are going!

Can’t wait to meet you ALL! Just let us know what we can do to help you. It Is Your Time!

Ever Onward!


Spreadin the Love
Dean and Dena


Dean and Dean

The Lighthouse v Tug Boat Parable


A Lighthouse can help save boats.lighthouse
A Tug Boat can help save boats.

But both do so in a Dramatically different way!

The Tug Boat works feverishly to push and pull, hook and drag, always striving to help, or save a boat in need. In the process it works itself ragged trying to get itself and another safely to shore. Always working hard, 24 hours a day and always someone else to save.

The Lighthouse stands tall and steady shinning it’s light for all to see. It does not boast or yell about it’s glory, it just Shines a beaming ray of light to show others the way. There is no pushing or pulling, no need to drag anyone ashore, it just Shines so others can find their way. Lighthouses don’t go running all over an island looking for boats to save; they just stand there Shinning the way.

tug boatThe Tug boat reminds me of the desperate Networker that is always pushing or tugging trying to get anyone to view their opportunity. They use hype and falsehood to promote hoping someone, anyone will just climb in the boat with them. Yelling about how great they and their opportunity are and yet they can not figure out why they just can’t seem to get going.

The Lighthouse just stands tall, showing the way knowing that so many are looking for the light. They do not have to yell or run around boasting about their one and only opportunity, they just Shine. They keep the hope going and show people the way to Success. They are steadfast in their work and don’t let the opinion of others decide their fate, They just Shine!

There is a Simple way for you to find Success if that is what you are truly looking for. You don’t have to become a cheesy salesman always yelling about your opportunity. Find the right Lighthouse and follow the path. You need someone that has the right opportunity, the tools and training to get you started, and most importantly the support to keep you going when you get lost in the fog. Then you can stand proud knowing that there are others looking for Your light as well. Position yourself as the Lighthouse and you won’t have to work like the Tug boat.shine

If you would like to see the light we are shinning out to the marketplace, just visit our site and we can show you the way! We don’t have to be boastful or hyped about what we do, we just have to be the Lighthouse and the right people will seek and find a real way to Success.

We have ALL the parts needed for a very Successful Home Based Business and we would love to share this light with you. You are welcome to visit our personal website at to get to know more about us and what we are all about. Be sure to click on the link Our Winning Strategy for a complete explanation about what we are up to. Success is a science not guess work. You have to have ALL the right parts and a game plan to execute the process to find True Success.

Want our Help? That’s what were here for. Visit our site and let us know what we can do to help shine the light on your dreams and goals for a better lifestyle today. Just reach out and we will be there.

Can’t wait to meet you ALL! ! !

Ever Onward! (like the Lighthouse)

Spreadin the Love
Dean and Dena


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Time is Not Your Friend


There are very few things we have in life that are more precious thTIME-OUT-LOGOan time. Time, I’m told, changes Everyone. We’re all born with all the Time in the World, or so it seems in your youth, then Time just passes by. Like a slow moving wind it just slips away until you realize that, Time is Not Your Friend.

Time has a wonderful way of showing us what Really matters. The very things we thought were so important as a young man and woman tend to change over time. We chase the job, the next big promotion, the new car and status and all those things we thought were so important and were going to make us so happy and yet it just made you want more. Next time, Sometime, Another time, what does it matter, we got plenty of Time.

Time-1024x861But then one day you realize that Today needs to be “that day” and Now is definitely the time. The wake up call happens and you start to think that if I don’t do IT now, then when the heck am I gonna get to it. You said you would do it in time, you just didn’t realize that time was not an infinite source. In fact, our lives are but just a blink in the scope of humanity and as much as we would like to pause, hold on, step off and just stop time, we can not.

Life teaches us to make good use of time, while time teaches us the Value of Life. You only get so much time so you better make the best of what you were blessed with. No one can predict time and time waits for no one. And, once the time has passed it is gone forever. You can certainly look back and reflect on it but you can not go back and replay times past. The time will pass if your ready or not.

So, don’t waist your precious time on all those things that don’t really matter anyway. All things in life are only as important as we choose them to be. Sometimes things seem So Important in the moment only to realize latter that it was just another moment in time. Be careful as your time passes and just make sure that what you spent your time on really matters in the end.your time

Time is not your friend because we only have so much time to spend. Do what you Love to do today because tomorrow you might be out of Time.

I pondered on this post for months wondering if I was just rambling, was it worth the time? I saved it to draft and would come back time after time until I decided, this is what I have to say! Time is SOOOO Precious and sometimes we forget to enjoy the life trying to make a living.

Take care of your time.

We take care of ours by living a very simple life. We are blessed to be able to live like we want, get up when we want, do what we want and just be who we want to be. It really is a Great Simple Life!

Want to know more about what we do and why then just visit our personal site at Check us out and get to know us a bit to see if what we do might be of interest to you?

Time for Change - ClockTake time to figure out what YOU want in your life and stop worrying about what everyone else wants in your life.

If we can help, just drop us a line. We got some time to share!

Can’t wait to meet you ALL! ! !

Spreadin the Love!
Dean and Dena



Simple Success Formula

Everyone wants to complicate Success. It’s treated as a magical mindset that somehow leads to this mystical realm of being that only the special people reach. Well wrong, Success is defined as an “Accomplishment of a desired end” and it certainly means something different to each and everyone of us.

Success is simply a “result or desired outcome” and can be accomplished by anyone, anytime and should be celebrated in everyday life. Success is realizing that you actually accomplished something you set out to do, so, Success is a Victory!

Reading the great teachings of Tony Robbins, he has a Simple Success Formula that is very powerful and I would like to touch on that today.

There are four basic components of Success. These are Potential, Action, Results and Belief or Certainty. So let’s break each down to discover this Simple Success Formula.success formula

Potential: We all have potential and that potential is what motivates us to seek out, discover and research an idea, a business or desired outcome. Potential simply means “That which is possible”. Once you realize that your desired outcome has potential you start to realize that you can accomplish this and that it really is possible. You see others doing it or your experience leads you to believe that you too can achieve this desired outcome. Potential is what gets you started in the right direction and leads you to, “Action”!

Action: All the potential in the world makes no move without Action. Action simply means “To Do or Act of Doing”,  and yet somehow, this is where most people miss the boat. To accomplish any desired outcome you have to Do Something! Your potential should lead you to develop a game plan but only when you actually take action do you move toward your goal or desire. All the knowledge in the world is just info until you take action and make the process move forward. The most successful people in the world are not the smartest, they just toomassive actionk Massive Action. Action is one of the biggest elements for Success. Once you take action you get “Results”.

Results: Results are the Proof that the potential was accurate and the action led to a desired outcome. Results are what we are all really after anyway but you have to realize the potential, take massive action to get results. The result is the product of what you are trying to accomplish. But, don’t get too hung up on “results”. Too often people will take an idea, commit it to action and then just sit back and wait on results. If your idea is good and your action is massive then the results will take care of them selves. Don’t let the results get in the way of taking action. Keep taking massive action and you Will Get Results.

Belief or Certainty: This leads to the faith that you are on the right course, heading in the right direction and doing what needs to be done. This certainty acknowledges that it is possible, the action is good and the results are coming in. You create a stronger belief in what you are doing and that it can be done. This belief leads to more “potential” and that potential leads you to take bigger “action” which gets you more “results” and strengthens your beliefs even more. This is the Simple Success Formula.make it happen deananddena

Whatever you are working on or trying to accomplish can be done if you just stick to the formula. Create a plan, Take Massive Action, monitor your Results so that it strengthens your Certainty that you are on the right track. Don’t get hung up on any one component or wait for things to come to you. Make a plan and get after it, the results will come so believe in your self and Move Forward. The real “secret” to accomplish anything is Massive Action. Massive Action moves you forward starts spinning the wheel of Success faster and faster. Remember, all the potential in the world does nothing until you take action.

It can work in reverse even if your not careful. You can have great potential but fail to take action which will lead to less results and more doubt about what you are doing. That is a vicious cycle that leads to failure and sadness. Don’t go there, you are capable of SO Much More if you just try. Take this Simple Formula for Success and use it to move your life experience forward. You can find Success if you just try.

Hope this helps move you forward on your journey to Success. We use this formula in every aspect of our business and we know it works. Thanks to Tony Robbins for laying it out in such a simple format that helps us all understand the basic formula for Success.stay-positive

We would love to hear from you about what it is that you want to accomplish and how we can help move your journey forward through a Successful Home based Business. We are here to help!

If you would like to know more about who we are and what we do just visit our personal website at and get to know us a little more. Connect with us and share your Dreams and desires you have for Your journey.

Can’t wait to meet you all. Please leave a comment below if this helped out in any way.

To Your Massive Success!

Ever Onward!
Dean and Dena


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Is Your Biscuit Cooked?

Bill called and said he was ready for a change. He was in a financial bind with bills to pay and needed to make some extra money. Pretty common story actually because just like Bill there are a lot of people that live paycheck to paycheck just trying to survive. Bill had reached a point that he didn’t have much choice but to look for something, anything that could help him and his family out, sound familiar?bills

Bill asked a dozen questions about what we do and how it works. He wondered most if “He could do it?” to which I explained that it was totally up to him “if he could do it?”. I told him that it was absolutely possible because others were doing “it” and that they are just ordinary people, no smarter than himself, they just made a decision to move forward and educated themselves and take action. See, their biscuit was cooked!

Everyone has to come to that point where they are Extremely Motivated to act. Until you reach the point in your life where you are determined to move, make a difference and commit to education and action then your biscuit is Not cooked.

If your biscuit is still rising and soft and not ready then you will not have enough drive to move forward. Only when you reach that place in your life where “You Must move forward” and find a better way will you be able to “do it”. The real question becomes “Are you willing?”.


People tell us all the time about how “ready” they are and all the big things they are going to do, but talk is cheap and all that don’t mean squat if you don’t ACT. Until you reach the point where you are willing to make changes to what you are currently doing can you expect to achieve a different outcome. “IS Your biscuit cooked?”

For some “it” looks good and they have good intentions but they just wish they could do it. For others, they have reached that point in life that they are tired of where they are, they are tired of their current situation and it’s time for a change. Their biscuit is cooked!

I explained to Bill that we could show him all the things he needs to do to make his current situation better but it was Totally up to him as to whether he “could do it”. Like the old saying “You can lead a horse to water But can’t make him drink”. I can show you all you Need to do but I have no idea if you will actually do “It”. We don’t know if your biscuit is cooked or if you are soft and not ready. horse

If your biscuit IS cooked and you are ready for Real Change, then you will push yourself to Commit, Educate and ACT! It really is that simple. So if you are asking yourself “Can I do this?” the real answer lies within You. We can show you step by step what to do, give you all the tools to do it, and show you how others are doing it too. But if you just talk about it, whine about it and just wish you were doing it, then your biscuit is not cooked. Don’t let life get in the way of pursuing your dreams. Push Yourself to do more, be more and have MORE! It’s up to you!

Oh yeah, I know, your busy and there just ain’t enough time to do it. You have the exact same amount of hours, minutes and seconds as anyone here, it’s what you do with it that makes the difference. Prioritize your time, make a plan and Commit, Educate and ACT! You Can Do This!

success stairsIs your biscuit cooked? Have you reached that point where you are willing, whatever it takes? If so then reach out to us and find out what we are doing that might help you make that change. Only you can take the first step. Need some help? Need someone to show you what works and what is a waist of time? Then find someone that is doing what you want to do and learn. It is Not that difficult it just takes commitment, education and Action.

Bill went on to do well, he decided that it was his time and Now was best for him. His biscuit was cooked and he was Ready. Like Bill, you can make this a real time for change and enhance your experience in this life. Just Do IT!

Want to know more about us? You are more than welcome to visit our personal website at to learn a little more about us and what we do. You will find All our contact info and ways to connect with us so that we might help you along the way. It’s Your Journey and we would love to share it with you.

Just reach out, we be Glad to Help!

To Your Massive Success!

~Ever Onward!~
Dean and Dena

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Do You have Smart Goals?


Well, it’s that time of year again where everyone thinks they need to make a New Year’s Resolution. Because they set them last year and that worked out so well that certainly, it should be done again. The sad reality is that most people don’t even remember what it was they said much less what got accomplished. But at least we set those “Resolutions”, right?

I hear a lot about a “resolution” around New Year because that is the tradition, everyone does it. But any other time it’s just referred to as a “Goal”, or desired action pursued with a serious effort to accomplish. The problem is that usually New Year’s Resolutions are very temporary because they are merely a strong wish with no serious effort, if any effort at all. Most Resolutions are just suggestions in a passing conversation that occur about January 1st due to the traditions passed down over time. And it goes way back to Babylonians and even the Romans with promises to their Gods’ at the beginning of each year.

But, as smart-goalsopposed to “vague resolutions” made in moments of tradition, a Goal is a better way to Resolve issues you wish to address. A Goal is a measured desire that should contain a time frame and relevant accomplishment. Some call this a “SMART Goal” that has meaning, measurement and a time limit. In fact the word SMART actually stands for a Specific, Measured, Attainable, Realistic and Timely action.

Specific should mean just that. Don’t make your Goal a vague statement like “I need more money” or “I’m gonna pay off debt”. While that sounds great, what does it Really mean. More money, is that a dollar, five hundred dollars, $32,427.67 or what? If you need more money then set your goal to reach a specific amount and graduate that to a specific time frame. I need $300 dollars by this month, I want that to grow to an Extra $1,000 per month by April, I want to replace my income by this time next year! Those are Goals! and they are specific to what you want and when. Doesn’t matter what your goal is just make sure it is Very Specific and Defined. How are you going to know when you got there if it is not a Specific Destination?

Measured means it is deliberate or calculated. You have to know where you are starting, relative to your desired out come, and what is the increase in value as you move forward. Again, how will you know you accomplished your goal if you don’t know where you are now and at what amount will you be happy. This is another problem with resolutions and their vague wishes, You have to be Specific in what you want and Measure your progressmake it happen deananddena along the way.

Attainable? Really? what a concept! If you set a Goal that is completely unrealistic then you just set yourself up for more trouble. You need to have small goals and large goals. This includes goals that you can accomplish in the short term, medium term and certainly long term. You need the short term goals like, what are you going to do today, this week, this month that are going to make a difference. Of course it has to be measured, or how will you know you got there or accomplished this goal? But make your goals something you are actually capable of achieving with success. Now don’t be afraid to set Big Goals, the ones that make you sweat, just make sure it is realistic. Big Goals can be a Great motivator toward your long term desire and should be well thought out and strategic. Don’t just say, I want to be a millionaire by years end, the chances of that actually happening are pretty slim. But, you could set a goal to create an extra income of $2,000 per month by November 30th of this year. That is a specific, measurable, and attainable goal that would be a marked success when accomplished.

The R is quoted as “realistic” and some say “relevant”. I say both are a good idea. Your goals should be realistic and attainable but they also need to be relevant to your long term plan. If you are going to the trouble of setting a goal make sure that it moves you closer to your desired end result. All the small goals lead up to the medium goals that all lead toward your long term plan. If you plan is to make more money and quit your job then your goals should move you in that direction. If your goal is to loose weight then the goals you set should be relevant to the process of loosing the specific, measured, attainable amount of weight relative to your goal. Just make sure you are not setting goals that have nothing to do with your long term plan. Decide what your main objective is and layout a plan of Action that will take you there.

And tTime-1024x861hen there is the “Time” factor. You see, this is where goals are most different than resolutions. Most resolutions are just spoken wishes that would be great if it really happened. But a Goal is a “written” game plan that has all the steps to get to your end result and each step has a time limit. A goal says I am going to accomplish this part of my plan by this date and that part of the plan by that date. Placing a time factor on each of your desired actions will create a sense of urgency and let you know if you are making the progress needed to get there. Again, be very specific with your goal and this means you know the time frame that it will take to complete. Now this does not mean that if you miss your time by a small factor that the goal is a failure because none of us can predict the future. Things do happen, life gets in the way sometimes but that should never change the desire of the goal. When things come up, just re-evaluate your goal and set a new time frame but Always keep moving forward on your goals.

So this year don’t fall in the trap of vague resolutions set some Goals. Be Specific about your goal, make sure you can Measure your results, set goals that are realistically attainable in the short term and long and make sure they are Relevant to the cause and set a Time frame to make the accomplishment. For goals to get any traction at all in your daily habits they have to be written out and reviewed. Make sure you write your goals down, keep them handy and go over them frequently to make sure you are still on track. Goals are a Great way to move your life to a higher experience and actually accomplish what it is that you most desire. A desire is just a wish until you make a plan and write it down on paper.

This is the year that you canHappy-New-Year-2015-Goals-Images make Great progress on your resolutions by turning them into written Goals. We are putting much thought into our goals and they are certainly written down so that we can constantly review, re-adjust and keep moving forward to what we want to accomplish this year. We hope that you are doing the same by setting “SMART Goals” for 2015.

We invite you to get to know who we are and see what we have planned for the new year. This is the year that big things are happening and we would love to help you achieve your goals and enhance your life experience. You can find out more about us by visiting our personal website at Let’s make this year a Fantastic New Year to change and improve as many lives a possible.

Can’t wait to meet you all! Please let us know what we can do to help move your journey forward.

Ever Onward!
Dean and Dena

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The Law of Money and How You Can Get More

The Law of Money

by | on July 11, 2012

 Ever wonder what the “Law of Money” really is?

I think everyone does. Too often we think that it is this magical secret that forces money on some and keeps it from others. That “the man” controls all the money and that’s why I can’t get any or if only my tight wad boss would just let go of some of his money then I would have money. Sound familiar. Maybe this is not you but you certainly know these people in your own life.

The Law of Money is really pretty simple and it goes something like this. Person A has money and through some type of transfer gives it to Person B. I know, that sounds really simplistic but that’s all there is to it. Whether Person B is receiving the money for work he or she did, the money is given or gifted for whatever reason or the money is taken by force, it’s all the same. No one gets money that is not transferred for some reason or another.

Here is some common ways we “get” money.


1. Job – we trade time and effort for an hourly wage or salary. Benefit, we get money for doing stuff. Problem, only one source for this income and the amount of income is usually determined by this one person which creates a limited source of money.

2. A Standard Business – You sell a product or service in exchange for money. Benefit, you can sell as many products or services to as many people as possible creating multiple sources of money. Problem, It’s very time consuming and expensive to start a normal business, create your product or service and then convince multiple people to buy this product or service. The standard business can be quite a challenge to start and keep going until a time where you are actually profitable with your new business. We know because we have done it. And after all, you only created another “job” for your self that requires an enormous amount of time and effort to keep everything going.

3. Network with Us! Really you say? Absolutely and this is the best way of all to create that transfer of Money into your pocket. See, we will show you how to set up Systems that will do most of the work for you. We can show you how to break these systems down into task and how and where to Outsource these task so that it removes you from the equation and lets the system bring in the money. Then, the system does all the selling, telling and explaining on what is going on and shows them how to do the same thing you are doing to “get Money”. If you do this wrong then you are doing all the selling and explaining and holding everyone’s hand while the whine and moan so that you can convince someone you are right about your business model. WRONG way to do it! It just becomes another J.O.B. and you will be Just Over Broke still.

See, there is No secret to making money. There is no secret pill, secret button, secret formula to making money. It is an Exact Science. It is a science that states if you do this, this and this, and do these things in a certain way, you Are going to get this result. There is no wondering around trying this and hoping for that, you have to have a proven formula for Success that results in the transfer of money from Person A to Person B. And when you do it Right, it’s really good to be Person B. because your system did all the work and selling and promoting and follow up and all you have done is set up the right System that brings YOU the money.

So what does this mean for You and how you can take advantage of the Law of Money. Well, get to know us and learn about the Systems we use to create wealth. Do this the right way and You make lots of money and have the time and freedom to do what you want with it. You see, it’s not really the money you want, it’s the money you NEED. What we mean by this is that You want the Relaxed life of freedom but it’s the money that brings this to you. You want to go on vacation, You want to spend more time with your family (we hope), you want to drive that car of your dreams BUT it’s the money that makes all this happen. It’s the money you keep going to that Crapy job for. It’s the money that will make you the person you really Want to be.

So how do YOU get more money? You could get a second job, sell some organs (just kidding)   resort to crime OR You could learn how Real Money is really made. How does a $1,000.00 per day sound. We have people we network with that are doing this everyday and more, way more. What would your life look like with an extra $1,000.00 per month? How about an extra $3 to $5,000 per month. Let’s say you get good at it and make that $1,000.00 per day, NOW what does your life look like at $30G per month. Yea we know, it would change a lot and you Would be a different person than you are toady.

Want to learn how? OF Course you do! Just click on this link at and let us show you how easy it is to get people to make that transfer of cash to YOUR pocket. And it’s easier than you think. Go there now! We will teach you how!

Want to know more about us? Just visit our personal website at and get to know more about us, what we are up to and how it can benefit You.

We look forward to meeting you ALL!

Ever Onward!

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