Should You “Plant Your Flag”?

There are a lot of people that are doing “professional” coaching right now and this isplant flag becoming a Big Business around the industry. We believe that coaching is a very important part of your success in Network Marketing and it can make a big difference in your ability to break-through and reach massive success. We all need coaches to help get us moving toward our goals and doing the things that need to be done so our business thrives instead of stalling. There is also a difference in “training” and “coaching” that we see going on in the industry. You can be trained via education and studying in the skills that will put you on the right path, and this is very important. But a Coach can help you take that training and develop a game plan that will put that training to work.

Both are very important because you need the training to learn the business and develop the skills that can help you move forward in Network Marketing and you need  coaching to help you put these skills to work. But there are a lot of people right now that are Focused on coaching and developing their coaching business. They are building products that help their clients achieve more and build their business, no matter what “opportunity” or “program” they are in, and that is their focus. There is nothing wrong with this at all, it has become Big Business in this industry. So here is the question we asked in the title. “Should You Plant Your Flag?” And what we mean by this is; Should you anchor and or promote your business opportunity via your marketing efforts?

Coaching-MentoringMany of the “Coaches” today say that you should never even mention your company or opportunity in your videos or promotions and just focus on serving the masses. Well, that is fine if you just want to be a “coach” and sell your online products to everyone in the business. Some of the biggest names we know and follow in this industry preach this philosophy but mainly because they are trying to sell their online products and coaching series to the masses. They try and serve Everyone in any company thus increasing their audience and sales. This is fine if you are just interested in coaching and promoting your own products and marketing to anyone in any program. Many are preaching the “Attraction Marketing” idea of putting out lots of value via their content and attracting people to them so they become the hunted instead of the hunter. AGAIN, nothing wrong with this if that is what you are trying to accomplish and be a big name coach. Often they say “never mention your company because companies fail and you will loose your business.”, and there is some truth to that as well.

But we choose to “Plant Our Flag” and be a product of the products and company that we believe in. Is this risky to some degree? Absolutely because companies do run into problems, owners get greedy and sometimes companies fail, it’s business. But you can use the same “Attraction Marketing” to attract people to you And your company via the value in your content and promotion of your chosen company. We do this all the time, read down the different post here on our blog and you will see what we mean. Here is the difference, we did our homework and due diligence on the company we have chosen, and we believe they are good people with a great and exclusive product that are interested in disrupting the industry with fair and ethical treatment of the distributors. This has given us a great confidence in who and what we are promoting.

Attraction Marketing is a great way to not only find prospects but also show themattraction-marketing who you are and what you are all about. We promote our company very heavily so that when people hear about this new company and go searching on Google or other search engines, then they Are going to run into our content. People might hear of a new company and have interest in the company or the product BUT, they join with people that they see as leaders or at the least, very active in the company. We put out lots of content that is relative to success in the industry And with our chosen company. We use keywords and many phrases that are picked up by the search engines so that as people come looking Boom, there we are. And we have Planted Our Flag with our company and products so that we can attract people that are interested in our mission to succeed with our company.

So the conversation continues, “Should You Plant Your Flag?” or not. We see both sides of this conversation and we understand why some do and some don’t. If your mission is to become a big time coach to anyone in the business then I guess you should not be tied to just one company and associate your strategy with one brand. But if your mission is to achieve Massive Success in the company you have chosen to work with then branding yourself as a leader in that company does make sense. One of the biggest problems we see in the industry, and with this strategy, is that people often associate with too many different companies at one time and it just confuses prospects on what their real mission is. If you are promoting three different money games, two different ad programs, and several different products and programs then nobody is going to take you serious when you come out and talk about your new company. This is a big problem and way too many people are so scattered that no one can figure out what they are really doing. If you are going to “Plant Your Flag” then by all means, Plant Your Flag and stay focused.

We have planted our flag with Our Home Business program that promotes a Simple LIFE through Networking.  We promote Wealth through one of the most exciting rewards programs ever introduced in Network Marketing. Don’t believe me just search the term “Simple Dream Team” via Google and see who pops up, bet you will find Dean and Dena on page one. That’s just how we planned it.

There is a Massive wave coming in the this opportunity and we are positioning a team of leaders and partners to take advantage of this Massive Growth within this business, and we would Love to have you on our TEAM! This is a Great company with ethical and honest leadership that really cares about the distributors in the field. And we are on a Mission to Elevate the lives of millions of ordinary people all over the world through a True Passion for a Simple LIFE! We have Planted Our Flag with Simple Dream TEAM and believe So Should YOU!


You can always check out our personal website at to learn a little more about who we are and what we are all about.

We are 110% committed to our mission of Massive Success with Simple Dream Team and we are looking for those who are ready to make a change and experience a better way of Getting Paid to Simply Live Life with our TEAM. Please consider joining us on this mission so we can work with you and develop Your game plan for Success. We Can HELP!

Can’t wait to meet you ALL, on the Beaches of the World!

Ever Onward, cause that’s how we Roll!

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Attract Your Best Prospects

There is a battle going on in Network Marketing between “Old School” and the new “21st Old-School-NetworkingCentury” style of marketing. Back in the day, before the internet, people would get into Network Marketing and we were all taught to make our list of friends and family and people we knew that we could pitch our opportunity to. This was brutal for most distributors because most people would run and hide just seeing you come their way. We practiced the “3 foot rule” meaning anyone within three feet was someone to pitch to, we went to malls and cruised for prospects and anyone that would listen was free game. It was a lot harder because we didn’t have email or social media or all the tools available to networkers today via the internet. But, it was truly a Networking business where you found interested partners, you built a relationship with them and helped develop them into committed business partners.

Then came the internet! Now you could access emails and have “instant” contact with many more people than ever before and as social media came around then prospects were plentiful. Now you could market to the world instead of just your own city where you lived. What a Great tool this was going to be in finding new business associates and customers for your product and opportunity. It truly was the Holy Grail of marketing, the future had arrived for Network Marketing! Problem is that the internet is just a tool like any another tool in your networking tool box and way to often people forget that “Network” aspect of Network Marketing and forget that they actually need to talk to someone to build that relationship and friendship that will keep them in your network over time.

downlineThe internet became a crutch to many that just wanted to market to the masses and some even boast of their “I never talk to anyone” approach. This type of marketing does get results but has led to the highest attrition rates we have ever seen in this industry. People use “hype” to lure in many new prospects and sign up dozens if not hundreds of new associates only to watch them drop like flies in the first 30 days because no one has any skin in the game. They focus on recruiting and signing people up, making their downline look good, but never train or spend time with those that are in their organization so people just quit in no time. They make fast start bonuses and front end money but they are never able to keep their teams together so they have to go find more, and more, and more, and so on, never realizing that they have created a vicious cycle of downline failure.

Network Marketing is a business that has the potential to lift people to great heights, when executed properly, and the internet can be a very good tool for building your team. But Network Marketing is a relationship business and should not just be a recruiting business. The internet offers some of the best tools for connecting and supporting your team and bringing Value to your organization via blogs, training, webinars and social support. Use the internet as a tool to “build” your business and increase your network so that your business partners become successful with your team and opportunity. Via the internet you can quickly connect with like minded people that want to hear what you are offering because people are looking to increase their standard of living and wealth. But “Everyone is Not a Prospect”.

We use systems to educate and school people on what Network Marketing is and how it works. We want people to know what we do and why, take their own time to investigate our opportunity and offering and then contact us for more info. We don’t just throw our business in someones face yelling “Join Me Now or you will miss out”. If people do not understand Network Marketing and don’t really get to know how it works and why then they will just drop out in a month because they don’t “get it”. We use tools and websites that explain the process and schools people on what we do and how it works so that they can decide for themselves if this business is right for them or not. We never try and convince someone to “join today” before the “special” ends tonight because this just gives all of us a bad rap and makes us look like a bunch of con-men doing a crazy deal. Take the time to educate people about your business and your opportunity and “why” it might be a great fit for them. Let them learn what it is you do and bring value to the process by offering training and support to show them that They can be Successful too. This is often called “Attraction Marketing” because you attract the right kind of prospects that are really looking for a better way.

Attraction Marketing is the absolute best way to find prospects and future partners for your Networking business. Take the time to set yourself apart from all the spam type marketers and really bring value that will attract others to you instead of dragging them into the process. Just like any other business out there, not Everyone is going to succeed with Network Marketing and that’s OK. But everyone that wants to take the time to Educate themselves about what we do and how we do it, and are Committed to learning the process, can Succeed if they Truly want it bad enough. It all comes back to “Commit, Educate and ACT!”, it really is that simple. Commit to finding your level of Success and discover your true reason that You are going to make it happen. Educate yourself on how the business works and what tools and training you need to be Successful with your new business. But most of all, Take Massive Action to create a Network of Success by building up people and supporting your TEAM.TakeMassiveAction deananddena We work really hard at making sure we have put together the tools and training you need to succeed in Network Marketing. We have done the due diligence on what opportunity is poised for massive growth and has the structure and foundation to be the next Billion dollar company. We have put together the tools you need to market your new business and make the connections to build your team fast. And most importantly we are here to Help You Succeed by offering all the support and training you need to build long lasting, life changing incomes through Network Marketing with our favorite program and Simple Dream Team.

Want to know what we are doing that might be of interest to You? You can always visit our personal site at to get to know us and what we are all about. We are only looking for those that are looking for us and are committed to achieving Massive Success in Network Marketing. This is your chance to work with someone that really cares about Your Success. Just reach out to us via email, social media or however works best for you and let us know how we can help move Your journey forward.
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