4 Things Your Prospects Need from You

There are few things you can do to build your business bigger and faster than “Prospecting”. The very term prospect means to “search out or look for”. In the world of Network Marketing the heart of your business is to “search out or look for” new business partners to build your TEAM. There are many different ways to do prospecting and we go through these in our Team Training in great depth. But today we want to discuss the “4 Things Your Prospects NEED from You”.

When you connect with a prospect there is always a certain amount of reservation or mistrust in the initial contact, No One likes to be sold and prospects aren’t any different. Even if you have a great funnel that introduces you and your business to someone and then encourages them to contact you for more info they will always do so with trepidation. It’s very hard to trust someone you don’t really know or have trust with. So there are certain qualities or aspects that your prospects need to receive from you so they can feel comfortable with considering you as a business partner. How you approach and connect with your prospect is going to make ALL the difference in how they respond to your offer.

These are the 4 areas you need to concentrate and express to your Prospect.

  1. Simplicity! 
  2. Consistency! 
  3. A Game Plan!
  4. Support! ! ! ! ! !

Simplicity is just what it implies. As you talk with a prospect they are always wondering if what you are offering is “Simple” enough for them to do it. Making your presentation as Simple to understand as possible is a very important aspect of prospecting. Your prospect wants to know “Does it work?”, “Can I do it?” and “Will You Help Me?”. So your presentation to your prospect needs to convince them that your business is So Simple that Anyone can do it and they can too. Keep it Simple by expressing an easy to understand business and process that makes your prospect feel comfortable in joining your Team. If they perceive that your business is complicated or hard to do then they will fear that it’s just not for them. Show them how Simple it is to get started, how Simple it is to get their business up and running and some Simple examples of others succeeding with your business. Making it Simple let’s your prospect know that they are capable of succeeding with you and your Team. We use the K.I.S.S. formula of Keep it Super Simple and You can KISS SUCCESS all the way to the bank.

Consistency is very important when dealing with prospects. I guarantee you they are going to search you out and see how “consistent” you are with your business and activity. Are you active on the Team? Do you promote and support your business and company? Have you been in 4 different businesses in the last 6 months? ? ? Being “consistent” and showing your prospects that you are not only there today but will be there tomorrow, next month and with them going forward is very important to creating trust with your prospects. You can do this in many ways but we find it works very well for us to produce content that prospects will find when they do “search us out”. Now not everyone is going to go out and blog or do videos and such but having content out there on social media sites and Youtube can create an image of a very consistent sponsor and create a better level of trust with your prospect. But remember, they want to know “Can I do this?” so make sure your content expresses a Simple way for them to Succeed with You and Your Team.

A Game Plan! This one item is what leads to more failure in Network Marketing than any other aspect. Do you have a game plan? This prospect is thinking to themselves “If I join, can you show me what to do?”. This doesn’t mean that you have to go out and create a detailed master plan for each and every prospect but you, OR your Team, need to have a “Plan of Action” that you can introduce to new team members to get them started with their new business. This also plays into the “Simple” aspect of prospecting. The better your game plan is to get new business members started the better your team and business will grow. Your prospect needs to know that you have a plan if they decide to join your team. Too often people join a Network Marketing business and their sponsor just throws them to wolves and says good luck. This leads to confusion and frustration with their new business and they drop out in the first month or so. Be Sure you have “A Game Plan” for them so they can feel comfortable about joining your Team!

And last but not least, SUPPORT! If your prospect is going to join your Team they need to know that you are going to be there for them as they get going. This does NOT mean that you have to hold their hand and do everything for them because that is a BIG mistake. Once they join they are going to have questions and want to know what to do next. This is where the “Simple” expression of “A Game Plan” and “Consistency” plays a role in their success. Support means that they can count on YOU to answer their questions and get them started. Support means that you are there for them when they need you and that you have a system that they can plug into and start their journey with their new business. This can easily be done on social media like Facebook by having a group page that your new members can plug into and find support from like minded and active Team members. Support doesn’t mean you are there to build their business it means that you are there to guide them along the journey. Prospecting is the life and soul of your Network Marketing business and one of the most important activities to the growth of your business. Mastering these “4 Things Your Prospects NEED from YOU” will help you build and grow your Team and create a better prospect for your business. Make it Simple for them to understand! Be “Consistent” in your presentation and Team activity so they know you are serious about helping them succeed. Have “A Game Plan” so they know that you can help them get started once they join your Team. And show them “Support” and love with a Team culture that makes them want to be a part of Your organization. Remember, all they want to know is “Does this work?”, “Can I do this?” and “WILL YOU HELP ME?”. If you can convince them you have a Simple, Consistent Game Plan that will Support them if they join then Your Team will Explode with growth.

We have structured the Simple Dream Team with just these qualities so Everyone on our Team can prospect with confidence. It not only works for us but it also works for any and everyone that joins our Team. We are ALL about “Simple”! We are “Consistently” creating systems and content so you can prospect with confidence. We have “A Game Plan” that you and your new Team members can plug into to Get Started and grow your new business. And we offer massive “Support” to help you and your Team to grow and succeed with our Elepreneur business model. We have done the homework, put together the tools and systems you need and we can Help You grow your TEAM!

If you would like to know more about what we are up to and how it might benefit your journey for success in home business, please visit us on our personal website at DeanAndDena.com or connect with us on Facebook by clicking here. You know our motto;

Simple Health, Simple Wealth and a Simple LIFE!

Can’t wait to meet you ALL on the beaches of the World!

Ever Onward, cause that’s how we Roll!

Spredin the Love
Dean and Dena



Changing Lives

We have a Dream, a Dream so big and so inspiring that it’s just a little frightening. Not because of the fear of what might happen but because of the changelives2shear Magnitude of the results. See, we believe in Changing Lives! We believe that we are all summoned  to a higher calling in the service of others. People have become so self-serving and self-centered or somewhat selfish in wanting everything or expecting everything now. Some have lost the need and will to give to others in a way that might change someone’s life. When in reality, humanity is in great need of those willing to give and share without concern for a return on their effort. Giving is the Greatest Gift of all and Changing Lives is the best blessing you can ever experience. Changing Lives Changes Everything.

We have a Dream of helping people out of the struggle that has become everyday life for so many families. We have a Dream to Elevate others to a new sense of Health, Wealth and Happiness. Our dream believes that people can be Happier and live a fuller life if they just become aware of the power of the mind. Just becoming aware that you have the power to decide if you are going to be Happy or sad and learning how to control your thoughts by habits practiced everyday. New science proves that by changing some daily habits and being aware of your thought process can begin to change your level of Happiness and how you view your life. We believe that many people are in Great need of a brighter future and more meaning in their life so they can live that Happier and Fulfilled life we all really want.

We have a Dream of Truly Changing Lives and helping others to be more, do more and experience more out of life. Changing Lives by lifting people up out of the struggle so many people are living. The struggle of paying the bills and putting food on the table, the struggle of providing for their family and keeping them safe and well fed. Many struggle with health and basic coverage that is now required by law or penalized for not having it. People are in need of better health and nutrition to rise above the challenge of poor diet and fast food that leads to greater health challenges and cost. Families are struggling to make ends meet and keep everyone healthy and happy. We have a Dream to raise people up and help people to earn an extra income, live a healthier life and just be Happy. We believe in Changing Lives!

entrepreneur2We believe that there is a Better Way and we can share ideas and tools that anyone can use to Elevate their life. We believe that people are tired of the everyday life of a J.O.B. that they hate, trading hours for dollars that just barely meet the needs of their family. We believe that gone are the days of “Get a good job and retire in 40 years” to achieve the dream life. We believe that the formula for Happiness is all backwards and Happiness doesn’t come for working your life away to retire at age 65 and then be happy.  Success comes for first being Happy and doing something you Love so that you can retire early in life and have the resources to Enjoy helping others. We believe you are over worked and under paid and most people are Not Happy with what they do and how much they get for it. We believe that we can Change Lives through the Power of Network Marketing, it’s not perfect it’s Just Better.

We spent quite some time looking at all the different Network Marketing companies out there and even joining a few just to try their products and get a vibe of what they were doing and how. After a long search we chose to create our own program because we believe that we are truly on a mission to help people Live with Passion and live a Simple LIFE. We are changing the way people look a LIFE by creating a Passion filled LIFE Full of Purpose. Changing Lives by lifting people up and helping them to create extra income, experience travel and finding greater happiness by helping others. We are Changing Lives by Helping Others to Change Lives by helping others. It’s a Glorious thing!

We have No Greater calling in life than to help others to rise up and live a better life. We can do this through the business of Network Marketing and showing people how to live a Simple Life through it.  We offer solutions to everyday problems and help people to get headed down a path of success and happiness that can truly Change Lives. Our products can elevate your Health and we offer them at very affordable discounted prices. We can elevate your financial situation by helping you start your own business and work for yourself instead of that boss you despise so much. We can elevate your Happiness via better Health and better Wealth. We believe we can help Change Lives with our program and products and helping others do the same.

We have put together so many tools and training to help you get your business started and up and running fast. We don’t have a “get rich quick” planhelp we have a “Here’s how you start and build your business plan”. We know that the only way we will ever succeed is by making sure that you succeed with your new business. This requires a game plan, all the tools you need and a support system that walks you down the path step by step. Your Success can not be left to chance and must be plotted like a road map to your destination. Only by helping others to achieve success do we get to pursue our Dreams of Changing Lives. Ole Zig Ziglar said it best; “You will get All you want out of life, if you just help enough other people get what they want out of life”. What a great quote and inspiration to us all. If you just help others find a “Better Way” then you will begin to change not only their life but you will also change your’s in the process. Changing Lives and Helping Others, just doesn’t get any better than that.

If you are in need of a Lifestyle Change then Please contact us and let’s talk about how we can get you on a different path that leads to Health, Wealth and Happiness. We are putting all the pieces in place and have all the training and tools you need to get started and get your business up and running fast. We are 110% committed to Your Success and making sure you have everything you need, all you have to do is have the desire and commitment to change the direction you are headed now. It starts with You and only You can make that decision Today, Enough is Enough. Today, I will choose to do whatever it takes to rise up and live a different life. Today, I choose to be Happy and Successful!

We are here to help and we would love to have a conversation with you about what You want to accomplish in life from this day forward. You can’t change the past but you can sure change where you are headed. We truly believe that we can Change Lives and so can YOU! Just Commit, Educate and ACT! You can commit to change and learn some new skills that will get your headed in a better direction. You can Educate yourself on what needs to be done and how and we have all the training you need to get going Now. And if you ACT by taking Massive Action on your new  home business then you truly can Change Lives starting with Your Own! If you would like to know more about what we are up to and how it can benefit you then you can visit our personal website at DeanAndDena.com. If you want to know more about our Simple Life and the opportunity we are offering the visit our  site for more info.

We Believe that we can Change Lives by Helping Others and we would Love to start with YOU!

Can’t wait to meet You ALL! on the beaches of the World!

Ever Onward! cause that’s how we Roll!

Spreadin the Love
Dean and Dena


Having Fun with the Family!

Can You Just Be Present?


My how times have changed. We were born in the early 60’s and grew up through the 70’s and 80’s and it was a Glorious time. Came out of highphone school before there ever was an internet and learned to type on an old fashioned typewritter. There were no cell phones, no computers and no internet and somehow we still got by. We used to talk all the time, because there wasn’t anything else to do. It was even a big deal to get your allotted time on the phone. You had to go in the hall because there was only one phone in the house and it hung on the wall with one LONG cord that was always a tangled mess. But we Loved to talk! We always sat and talked about everything or anything, it was a Glorious time.

Then came the internet and computers and suddenly you could communicate without even having to write a letter. Email they called it and that was pretty cool. Gone were the days of encyclopedias and libraries as Google ushered in a new way of finding information. Never forget my first computer, a Super 486, think it had a whole 16 megs of ram and a new thing called a disc drive. I remember my dad saying I wasted my money because no one needed a CDRom? He didn’t even think you needed that stupid thing called a mouse, after all you had direction buttons on the keyboard. LOL, that was funny then and still funny today. Then came the cell phone, that big bag thing that weighed 40 lbs. What a marvelous and wonderful piece of hardware that was. You could place a call from anywhere, and maybe get through, wasn’t many towers back then.

But let’s fast forward to Today! Wow, how things have changed. We went from sitting in the hall on a phone that didn’t go NO where to carrying one around in our pocket. Now you could actually place a call from Almost anywhere. And to my continued amazement Apple bust on the scene with a “Smart Phone” that would actually access the internet, Man that’s COOL! This gave birth to Social Media and instant chats with anyone any time. Now you didn’t even have to run home to see what was in your email or who was trying to chat with you, just pull out your Smart Phone and go to town. Now days  practically EVERYONE sits around with their head buried in their phone or device. And thus the phenomena arises.

SmartPhonePeople have become SO Addicted to their device that people don’t talk with those right in front of them. They sit down for dinner or to visit and no one can take their eyes off the phone, they just sit there and stare at the device. Look around, it’s becoming an epidemic. Even the youth are starting to have neck problems from the bad posture of constantly hanging their head down to focus on the phone. You see couples sitting at restaurants just staring at their phone and not even visiting with each other. You get together with friends and next thing you know no one is talking because they are all just caught up in the latest on Facebook or Instagram instead of being “Present” in your company. Can You Be Present?”

If not then Shame on you. Turn off the damn phone and enjoy the moment you have in the company of a friend or loved ones. Nothing in that phone is even close to being as important as the conversation you could be having but aren’t. Time is SO Precious and we waste SO much of it anyway that when it comes to sitting down, face to face, to be “Present” in the moment don’t waste these precious moments staring into space. How many relationships are destroyed by this technology? I would venture to say A Lot! As a man that has been married for 35 years and still best friends I can tell you that “Talking” is a major component of a relationship. If you are ignoring your significant other because you are more interested in that cute meme on Facebook I can promise you that your are headed for trouble. Take advantage of the time you have together, which usually isn’t that much, and just be Present in the moment and TALK. You will be amazed at how much better you get along when you are visiting, laughing and enjoying each others company.

So, how does this relate to Network Marketing? You knew I would get around to it! Here’s the deal, we Network by having meetings and giving presentations about our opportunity and or products. I can tell you that Nothing gets under my skin faster than someone I am trying to talk about my business with that keeps getting interrupted every five minutes by their phone. And the same goes for us as Professional Network Marketers, if you have someone that went to all the trouble to meet up with you, and hear your presentation about your products or opportunity, and all you can do is keep stopping to see who’s calling or what was that message then you lost the battle already. BE PRESENT when you are in the presence of a prospect. Put the phone down, turn it off if you have to, but give your prospect 100% of your attention. You can not be effective when you are constantly interrupted by your phone.

Same goes for the prospect. The meeting with a prospect is not about how good you are it’s about “Are they Qualified to partner with You in your business?” If they can not even give you 30 or 45 mins uninterrupted then how are they ever going to focus on building a business. When you let a prospect take control of the situation and their phone is more important than you, then you are coming from a position of weakness. You are letting them dictate the terms of the meeting. Never let them have control of the meeting. You are the one interviewing them to see if they are qualified, not the other way around. I know, to some of you this sounds harsh and you think I’m being arrogant, but I’m not. See, I am a Profesbepresentsional Network Marketer that takes my Profession and my Mission Very Seriously. I am not just looking for anyone with a heartbeat to be on my team. I am looking for someone So Hungry they Have to Succeed. I want the one that wants it more than me, the one that pays close attention to everything and hangs on every word you speak. The one that takes notes and ask questions that are relevant to their Success in this business. If someone can’t take put that phone away and Be Present while I put my time and effort into showing them the Best Plan Ever, then I don’t need them and neither do you.

Be Present, pay attention to the moment and listen to what others are saying to you. You might just learn some things that could carry you through to a happier place and time in life. Be Present, because tomorrow might never come and you may have wasted the last chance you had to say what you wanted to say or hear what you wanted to hear. Be PRESENT, Because that’s Respect! Just Be Present! Live today not in your phone but face to face, You’ll Be Glad You Did!

We are Professional Network Marketers that hold the up most Respect for this business and we are looking for others just like us. If you don’t have time, that’s fine cause I don’t either. But if you have the Desire to do Whatever it takes to Succeed and Reach Your Dreams, then I got all the time in the world for you. Let’s have a conversation, face to face, belly to belly to discuss how we might come together and partner up for the ride of a Lifetime with our Simple Dream TEAM. If you would like to know more about us, Who we are and What we do and Why then you can always come visit our personal webpage at DeanAndDena.com to know more. There is info on what we are doing that lets us live the Simple Life that most only wish for And, How it might benefit you to get Serious about what you are doing to Reach Your Dreams and Goals. We Can Help! And we would Love To!

As always, Can’t wait to meet you all! on the Beaches of the World.

Ever Onward! cause that’s how we Roll!

Spreadin the Love,
Dean and Dena 

Dean and Dena Battle 4 Kids Fighting Cancer!

3 Steps to Build Your Business

Need a Simple formula to build your business. Here is a 3 Step Formula to Build Your Business and you can’t afford to miss one step. It really comes down to three basic steps of 1. Grow, 2. Get Leads and 3. Get Sales. So lets discuss each one in detail.grow

GROW,  You have to grow as a person and a Network Marketer to become a better person from the inside and you have to do this on a daily basis. This growth is where you hone your skills and mindset to expand your personal belief system and become better at what you do. This is super easy to do via reading books, online training and even speaking with your mentor or coach. There are so many great books like Go Pro from Eric Worre, Millionaire by Halftime by Presley Swagerty, or one of my favorite mentors right now Matt Morris and The Unemployed Millionaire.

GET LEADS! This is one of the most important parts of this simple formula because you have to have “leads” to speak with. I was listening to a training the other day by Mike Hobbs and he was talking about the “Two Buckets” that we have to fill each day to keep the flow of leads coming in. The first bucket is the “Results Now” and the other is the “Results Later”. The results later bucket is filled over time by doing the activities like building websites, capture pages, blogging, doing videos, YouTube and all the things you should be doing But it takes time to get your content built up where you can start to see a flow of lleadseads coming in via your blog or videos or what ever you do to build content. The problem is that too many people spend all their time doing this “Results Later” plan and get discouraged by their lack of building because they don’t see results right away. If you are patient and work diligently then this will work over time.

But You really need to focus on the “Results Now” bucket so that you always have a constant flow of people looking at your program. You can fill your now bucket with things like your warm market, Facebook and just the people you run into everyday. Many of us have burned through our warm market and or won’t even go there but you should. The secret to working your warm market is that you Can Not be tied to the Outcome. Just show them what you are doing and let them decide if it’s right for them with no concern on your part if they join or not. With warm market all you can do is share and let them decide if it right for them now or not. And, what might not seem right now can definitely change in time. Your job is not to drag them into the business but to offer a solution or a great product and just let them decide. But as soon as you have done this with warm market then you can certainly turn to Facebook to find more people to talk to. But whatever you do, DO NOT just run to Facebook and start posting your link, nobody cares and most are put off by people like that. All you need to do is start up conversations, comment on other peoples post, thank them for liking your post, ask them what they do, find out what they like or don’t like about it and Just Start a conversation. There are Millions of people on Facebook you can meet and start a conversation about life in general then when the moment is right offer a solution or great product that might help them with a challenge like they don’t have enough time with their family, they hate dropping the kids off at daycare, they have more month than they have money or whatever you learn in the conversation that you might be able to help them with. Facebook is a vast media to meet as many people as you can talk with that you can find prospects and new team members with, Just Start the Conversation.

Last but not least is GET SALES. There is an old saying that the “Fortune is in the Join-our-teamfollowup” and you have to follow up with your prospects and get them in front of the presentation. If you are showing the plan and presenting the business on a daily basis you will have Success in this Profession. If a prospect gives you their phone number then by all means Call Them! This is a Relationship business not a recruiting business and you will be Amazed at how fast your business will grow if you just connect with people on a personal level. You don’t have to be best friends or talk everyday but they do need to know that you care and that you are going to lead them in a way that they can achieve success also. People don’t join programs they join people. If all they needed was a program then they can find about two thousand in a three second search on Google. It’s not that there is a shortage of programs it’s that people want to be part of a Team and know that you care enough to lead them in the right direction. Follow up with your prospects and ask for the sale. Lead them to the sign up page and help them get started. Show them that you have a “Get Started” plan and that you work with your team and they will join You, not just your latest program. Make the Sale and you will have Massive Success in this Professional business.

So, three simple steps to build your business. Grow your mind, empty your wallet into your mind and your mind will refill your wallet ten fold. Grow Daily. Get Leads, make sure you are filling Both the Now and the Later bucket with a constant flow of leads. And Make the Sale! It really is that simple. We do all of this to help grow our business on a daily basis and it is a proven formula to build with. One of the most important things you can do is be Professional about your business and get Serious about what you are doing. Don’t treat it like a hobby or put it off till later, Do It Now and Do IT Big Time!gobiggohomeIf you would like to know a little more about us and what we do then you can always visit our personal website at DeanAndDena.com, get to know us a bit and let’s have a conversation about what we are doing that might benefit you.  We are 110% Committed to helping others achieve their biggest dreams via Network Marketing and we would love to connect with you and talk about our Simple Dream TEAM.

Can’t wait to meet You ALL, on the Beaches of the World!

Ever Onward! cause that’s how we Roll!

Spreadin the Love
Dean and Dena


Love this picture at the ANMP with Amanda!


The Flavor of the Month

Have you noticed how Scattered some people are with their marketing efforts? It scatterednever ceases to amaze me how people jump around on the internet with this program today, that program tomorrow and Oh Oh, there’s another new program over there. LOL, it’s simply crazy how scattered some people are and then wonder why they don’t make any money with what they are doing.

We started in Network Marketing before there was an internet and “internet marketing”. It was really different back then because there were only a hand full of companies and programs and people weren’t bombarded with new programs everyday. We did the old school approach of “speak to anyone that will listen” even going to the mall roaming around just trying to pitch anyone on our business. Now I’m not saying it was easier back then at all, it was difficult to find new prospects because we didn’t have a few billion people at the click of a mouse. We actually had to make the best of what we had to work with. We practiced the “three foot rule”, we made our list and we got to work. We didn’t have a million options of how to market so we just buckled down and got to work.

internetThen cam the internet and it truly was a Game Changer when it came to marketing. Suddenly we had email and websites and all the Fabulous tools to help us present or program and connect with new people. This was truly going to change everything! And it did, now we could connect with people all over the country or even the world. No longer were we limited to our surroundings and geographical location. Then came Google, what the heck was a “Google”? Little did we know just how powerful one little website would be and how it would change how people searched for information. Then the gurus said “You have to have a website” and we all tried to figure out how the heck do you do that. It Really was a Crazy time in learning about this whole internet thing.

Now the internet is grown way beyond what any of us ever thought it would be and you can find more info in a millisecond search then you can process in a months time. We all finally figured out how to build a website and get our self listed “online” so that we could now learn about SEO and keywords and on and on it goes. Oh, the good ole days of learning how this “internet” thing was working out. Fast forward to 2016 and things have gotten so much easier and now there’s Facebook and Social Media all over the place. It really is the most connected this world has ever been. Now you can keep up with Everyone in a moments notice and follow people you have never even met in person but are friends with anyway. What a Great way to start a relationship with the world.

But my friends here is the challenge. It is So Easy these days to throw up a website and launch a new “business” with a flashy and hype filled banner that new programs appear almost everyday. People are bombarded with new offers so often that it makes it hard to focus on anything much less the task at hand. Having been online now for many years and having the same Gmail account for years and years I have been added to so many list that it fills my spam box everyday with the next Great offer to come aSOS-buttonlong since . . yesterday. It’s kind of funny and sad all at the same time how people jump from program to program thinking they are fixing to miss out on instant fame and fortune. Sorry guys but this is one of the worst mistakes you can make.

I know some really good people that promote so many different programs and money games that you just can’t take them serious because tomorrow they are going to show you the next great money maker. The average person finds it challenging to build one business much less 5 or 10 different businesses. The internet is a Great tool for connecting and building a relationship with people all over the world and should be used for the great tool that it is. But don’t let it kill your business by keeping you scattered and unfocused. Don’t fall for money games and fly-by-night companies that promise the instant riches if you just join today. We have watched SO MANY companies come and go over the years it’s not even funny. So many people loose money to these games played on hype and get rich quick schemes it kills people’s dreams and check book with broken promises. The Flavor of the Month comes and goes every single month only to disappear with everyone’s money in a matter of no-time, It’s just Crazy what people will fall for.

We get approached almost daily with the new Flavor of the Month business idea or company and we understand how hard it is to stay focused BUT we don’t play those games. We can promise you here and now that we will NOT bring multiple offers and new businesses to you because we are Super Focused on what our goals are and how we are making them happen. We might bring you a new tool from time to time if we find something that really works for us but we are Focused on the prize and we’re In It To Win IT! Focus is the true secret to Success in Network Marketing. If you are not focused and committed to what you are doing then your are just wasting your time and hurting others by misleading them with a get rich quick mindset. Get Focused and You will find Success in your Network Marketing business.

focusFocus is the single most important skill you can learn to be successful. When you are focused on your company, products and Your TEAM then you will see growth in what you are doing. If you are scattered then your team will be scattered as well and no one will achieve there goals like that. People will follow, and do what you do, not what you say but what YOU DO! If you are focused and you make all the webinars and calls within your company, constantly building your TEAM and training them to be great leaders then you will find Massive Success in this profession. But if you fall for every new Flavor of the Month that comes along, always promoting something different and new then no one can figure out what the heck you are doing anyway. Don’t let the Flavor of the Month kill your business and destroy your reputation as a Professional Network Marketing machine.

We are So Totally focused on Home Business right now. We are out to build a Large and Dynamic TEAM in here and we promise to be here today, tomorrow and next week building our TEAM and working this business. We are 110% focused on what we are doing and you should be also. The Flavor of the Month club does not meet here and we are only interested in working with those that are committed, wholeheartedly, to their success. Be a Professional about what you are doing and people will take you Seriously and join you because of it. If you play games you will attract game players, if you get Serious then you will attract the Serious partners that want to achieve Massive Success and become Professional Network Marketers.


If you are interested in “who we are and what we are doing” then check out our personal website at DeanAndDena.com. You can get to know us a bit and see what we are all about, just in case you didn’t get if from the post above? lol. We are 100% committed to building our TEAM and we would love to have a conversation with you about what we are doing. All you have to do is reach out and connect, however works for you, and let’s start the conversation about Your Success Today!

Can’t wait to meet you ALL! on the Beaches of the World!

Ever Onward, cause that’s how we Roll!

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Should You “Plant Your Flag”?

There are a lot of people that are doing “professional” coaching right now and this isplant flag becoming a Big Business around the industry. We believe that coaching is a very important part of your success in Network Marketing and it can make a big difference in your ability to break-through and reach massive success. We all need coaches to help get us moving toward our goals and doing the things that need to be done so our business thrives instead of stalling. There is also a difference in “training” and “coaching” that we see going on in the industry. You can be trained via education and studying in the skills that will put you on the right path, and this is very important. But a Coach can help you take that training and develop a game plan that will put that training to work.

Both are very important because you need the training to learn the business and develop the skills that can help you move forward in Network Marketing and you need  coaching to help you put these skills to work. But there are a lot of people right now that are Focused on coaching and developing their coaching business. They are building products that help their clients achieve more and build their business, no matter what “opportunity” or “program” they are in, and that is their focus. There is nothing wrong with this at all, it has become Big Business in this industry. So here is the question we asked in the title. “Should You Plant Your Flag?” And what we mean by this is; Should you anchor and or promote your business opportunity via your marketing efforts?

Coaching-MentoringMany of the “Coaches” today say that you should never even mention your company or opportunity in your videos or promotions and just focus on serving the masses. Well, that is fine if you just want to be a “coach” and sell your online products to everyone in the business. Some of the biggest names we know and follow in this industry preach this philosophy but mainly because they are trying to sell their online products and coaching series to the masses. They try and serve Everyone in any company thus increasing their audience and sales. This is fine if you are just interested in coaching and promoting your own products and marketing to anyone in any program. Many are preaching the “Attraction Marketing” idea of putting out lots of value via their content and attracting people to them so they become the hunted instead of the hunter. AGAIN, nothing wrong with this if that is what you are trying to accomplish and be a big name coach. Often they say “never mention your company because companies fail and you will loose your business.”, and there is some truth to that as well.

But we choose to “Plant Our Flag” and be a product of the products and company that we believe in. Is this risky to some degree? Absolutely because companies do run into problems, owners get greedy and sometimes companies fail, it’s business. But you can use the same “Attraction Marketing” to attract people to you And your company via the value in your content and promotion of your chosen company. We do this all the time, read down the different post here on our blog and you will see what we mean. Here is the difference, we did our homework and due diligence on the company we have chosen, and we believe they are good people with a great and exclusive product that are interested in disrupting the industry with fair and ethical treatment of the distributors. This has given us a great confidence in who and what we are promoting.

Attraction Marketing is a great way to not only find prospects but also show themattraction-marketing who you are and what you are all about. We promote our company very heavily so that when people hear about this new company and go searching on Google or other search engines, then they Are going to run into our content. People might hear of a new company and have interest in the company or the product BUT, they join with people that they see as leaders or at the least, very active in the company. We put out lots of content that is relative to success in the industry And with our chosen company. We use keywords and many phrases that are picked up by the search engines so that as people come looking Boom, there we are. And we have Planted Our Flag with our company and products so that we can attract people that are interested in our mission to succeed with our company.

So the conversation continues, “Should You Plant Your Flag?” or not. We see both sides of this conversation and we understand why some do and some don’t. If your mission is to become a big time coach to anyone in the business then I guess you should not be tied to just one company and associate your strategy with one brand. But if your mission is to achieve Massive Success in the company you have chosen to work with then branding yourself as a leader in that company does make sense. One of the biggest problems we see in the industry, and with this strategy, is that people often associate with too many different companies at one time and it just confuses prospects on what their real mission is. If you are promoting three different money games, two different ad programs, and several different products and programs then nobody is going to take you serious when you come out and talk about your new company. This is a big problem and way too many people are so scattered that no one can figure out what they are really doing. If you are going to “Plant Your Flag” then by all means, Plant Your Flag and stay focused.

We have planted our flag with Our Home Business program that promotes a Simple LIFE through Networking.  We promote Wealth through one of the most exciting rewards programs ever introduced in Network Marketing. Don’t believe me just search the term “Simple Dream Team” via Google and see who pops up, bet you will find Dean and Dena on page one. That’s just how we planned it.

There is a Massive wave coming in the this opportunity and we are positioning a team of leaders and partners to take advantage of this Massive Growth within this business, and we would Love to have you on our TEAM! This is a Great company with ethical and honest leadership that really cares about the distributors in the field. And we are on a Mission to Elevate the lives of millions of ordinary people all over the world through a True Passion for a Simple LIFE! We have Planted Our Flag with Simple Dream TEAM and believe So Should YOU!


You can always check out our personal website at DeanAndDena.com to learn a little more about who we are and what we are all about.

We are 110% committed to our mission of Massive Success with Simple Dream Team and we are looking for those who are ready to make a change and experience a better way of Getting Paid to Simply Live Life with our TEAM. Please consider joining us on this mission so we can work with you and develop Your game plan for Success. We Can HELP!

Can’t wait to meet you ALL, on the Beaches of the World!

Ever Onward, cause that’s how we Roll!

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Attract Your Best Prospects

There is a battle going on in Network Marketing between “Old School” and the new “21st Old-School-NetworkingCentury” style of marketing. Back in the day, before the internet, people would get into Network Marketing and we were all taught to make our list of friends and family and people we knew that we could pitch our opportunity to. This was brutal for most distributors because most people would run and hide just seeing you come their way. We practiced the “3 foot rule” meaning anyone within three feet was someone to pitch to, we went to malls and cruised for prospects and anyone that would listen was free game. It was a lot harder because we didn’t have email or social media or all the tools available to networkers today via the internet. But, it was truly a Networking business where you found interested partners, you built a relationship with them and helped develop them into committed business partners.

Then came the internet! Now you could access emails and have “instant” contact with many more people than ever before and as social media came around then prospects were plentiful. Now you could market to the world instead of just your own city where you lived. What a Great tool this was going to be in finding new business associates and customers for your product and opportunity. It truly was the Holy Grail of marketing, the future had arrived for Network Marketing! Problem is that the internet is just a tool like any another tool in your networking tool box and way to often people forget that “Network” aspect of Network Marketing and forget that they actually need to talk to someone to build that relationship and friendship that will keep them in your network over time.

downlineThe internet became a crutch to many that just wanted to market to the masses and some even boast of their “I never talk to anyone” approach. This type of marketing does get results but has led to the highest attrition rates we have ever seen in this industry. People use “hype” to lure in many new prospects and sign up dozens if not hundreds of new associates only to watch them drop like flies in the first 30 days because no one has any skin in the game. They focus on recruiting and signing people up, making their downline look good, but never train or spend time with those that are in their organization so people just quit in no time. They make fast start bonuses and front end money but they are never able to keep their teams together so they have to go find more, and more, and more, and so on, never realizing that they have created a vicious cycle of downline failure.

Network Marketing is a business that has the potential to lift people to great heights, when executed properly, and the internet can be a very good tool for building your team. But Network Marketing is a relationship business and should not just be a recruiting business. The internet offers some of the best tools for connecting and supporting your team and bringing Value to your organization via blogs, training, webinars and social support. Use the internet as a tool to “build” your business and increase your network so that your business partners become successful with your team and opportunity. Via the internet you can quickly connect with like minded people that want to hear what you are offering because people are looking to increase their standard of living and wealth. But “Everyone is Not a Prospect”.

We use systems to educate and school people on what Network Marketing is and how it works. We want people to know what we do and why, take their own time to investigate our opportunity and offering and then contact us for more info. We don’t just throw our business in someones face yelling “Join Me Now or you will miss out”. If people do not understand Network Marketing and don’t really get to know how it works and why then they will just drop out in a month because they don’t “get it”. We use tools and websites that explain the process and schools people on what we do and how it works so that they can decide for themselves if this business is right for them or not. We never try and convince someone to “join today” before the “special” ends tonight because this just gives all of us a bad rap and makes us look like a bunch of con-men doing a crazy deal. Take the time to educate people about your business and your opportunity and “why” it might be a great fit for them. Let them learn what it is you do and bring value to the process by offering training and support to show them that They can be Successful too. This is often called “Attraction Marketing” because you attract the right kind of prospects that are really looking for a better way.

Attraction Marketing is the absolute best way to find prospects and future partners for your Networking business. Take the time to set yourself apart from all the spam type marketers and really bring value that will attract others to you instead of dragging them into the process. Just like any other business out there, not Everyone is going to succeed with Network Marketing and that’s OK. But everyone that wants to take the time to Educate themselves about what we do and how we do it, and are Committed to learning the process, can Succeed if they Truly want it bad enough. It all comes back to “Commit, Educate and ACT!”, it really is that simple. Commit to finding your level of Success and discover your true reason that You are going to make it happen. Educate yourself on how the business works and what tools and training you need to be Successful with your new business. But most of all, Take Massive Action to create a Network of Success by building up people and supporting your TEAM.TakeMassiveAction deananddena We work really hard at making sure we have put together the tools and training you need to succeed in Network Marketing. We have done the due diligence on what opportunity is poised for massive growth and has the structure and foundation to be the next Billion dollar company. We have put together the tools you need to market your new business and make the connections to build your team fast. And most importantly we are here to Help You Succeed by offering all the support and training you need to build long lasting, life changing incomes through Network Marketing with our favorite program and Simple Dream Team.

Want to know what we are doing that might be of interest to You? You can always visit our personal site at DeanAndDena.com to get to know us and what we are all about. We are only looking for those that are looking for us and are committed to achieving Massive Success in Network Marketing. This is your chance to work with someone that really cares about Your Success. Just reach out to us via email, social media or however works best for you and let us know how we can help move Your journey forward.
Join our Simple Dream TEAM Today!

Can’t wait to meet you ALL, on the Beaches of the World.

Ever Onward! cause that’s how we Roll!

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The Entrepreneur Inside You?

While listening to a webinar the other night with some multi-million dollar earners in NetworkEntrepreneur Marketing there was a conversation about being an Entrepreneur. The discussion was one that really made me stop and ponder the whole meaning of being a Real Entrepreneur or just being a disgruntled employee, there is a big difference. I was setting there listening to Network Super Star Mark Hooverson discuss how he knew, when he was even a little kid, that he had the Entrepreneur spirit and how even in his youth he always knew he could do more, be more and have more if he just did his own gig instead of working for someone else. I could relate because I had been making money on my own since I was about 12 years old when dear ole Dad loaded me up and took me to the store to buy a lawn mower. He wheeled it outside and said “Here, the first $35 you make pays me back, after that Your in business!” and I was off to start my enterprise.

Entrepreneurial spirit is a mindset. It’s an attitude and approach to thinking that actively seeks out change, rather than waiting to adapt to change. It’s a mindset that embraces critical questioning, innovation, service and continuous improvement. This spirit comes from the inside and burns like a passion to make things happen that will increase our value and worth. Entrepreneurship can be defined as “…the capacity and willingness to develop, organize, and manage a business venture along with any of its risks in order to make a profit.” This burning desire to do your own thing is not for everyone but can be had by anyone that is willing to “do the deal” or work harder to be better everyday. This comes from “Commitment, Education and Action”. Anyone can learn to run their own business but not everyone will make the effort. It takes a special kind of willingness to push yourself, and get it done on your own, that some people just don’t have. Too often people are only motivated when the are pushed by outside forces instead of pushing themselves and this usually comes in the form of a boss. As long as someone is telling them when to work, how much to work and what they have to do, then they can perform a service, but to push their own efforts and do things without the outside influence then they just don’t get it done, they would rather watch another season of TV then actually do something that might increase their standard of living.

wantedThe Real Entrepreneur seeks out the knowledge to develop and organize a business plan that they can execute to build something that is greater than what they had yesterday. They are willing to take risk and step out of the comfort zone to do the things that most just won’t do. Just because you hate your job or you hate your boss and wish you could work for yourself doesn’t always transfer into a Successful home based business. We hear it all the time, “man I just want to quit my job and work from home” and that is a novel idea alright but the key word here is “work”. You Can work from home and you Can make way more money working from home then you do at your soul sucking J.O.B. (Just Over Broke). But the challenge becomes, what are you willing to do to make that happen? Are you truly interested in learning new life skills and organizing a game plan that will kick start your new business, OR do you just wish you could sit around the house all day and play around on Facebook?

Anyone can be an Entrepreneur! But let’s go back to the definition of being a True Entrepreneur “…the capacity and willingness to develop, organize, and manage a business venture along with any of its risks in order to make a profit.” This is why so many people fail in Network Marketing, they get involved for all the right reasons but life is busy, people work long hours at their job, kids got activities and more often then not these people don’t take the time to learn the skills needed and actually do a business. You Must Commit, Educate and Act, it really is that simple. It starts with You and learning how to change your mindset from an employee to Entrepreneur. Your Success really comes down to Your “Why”, the real reason you started with Network Marketing to begin with. If it was just out of curiosity and you aren’t really committed to your “Why” then your chance of creating Success drastically goes down. But if your “Why” is bigger than your excuses then you will have the necessary drive to learn the skills and do the deal of moving your home based business forward.

Most people have a reason that they got started with Network Marketing. It usually is more aboutfreedom “time freedom” than just money. We all want the freedom to spend time with our family and children and stop working so many hours of our life. We usually put ourselves in these situations by thinking we need the new car or bigger house and can’t keep our credit card in our wallet and the next thing you know we need to bring in more and more money just to survive. That’s usually when someone sees an ad about work from home, make extra money and they jump on the train hoping to escape the rat race of life. And sometimes necessity is a Great motivator but it can be a double edge sword as well. Too often people have gotten themselves in such a financial bind that they can’t seem to find any available funds to work their new business and so they just quit again and return to what they know best, the ole J.O.B., the comfort zone, another season of Dancing with the Stars or what ever sneaks in and steals their Dreams.

The True Entrepreneur is filled with a passion and a spirit that burns inside and moves them to learn more, do more and certainly Be More! They cannot be content with being a good employee and just getting by in life. The Entrepreneur seeks out the knowledge and life skills that will help them to put together a plan and execute their plan for Massive Success. They set their goals and monitor their progress always looking for a way to increase the value they bring that increases the rewards they reap, it’s a Beautiful thing. Some are born with this burning desire and some just have to learn this skill from where they are in life. It really doesn’t matter what has happened in the past because you can’t change any of that if you wanted to, but it does matter what you do Today that will change where you are going tomorrow. If you have the natural Entrepreneurial Spirit then embrace it and get started on a plan that will create your Dream Life. If you need to learn this skill then by all means, find the education, the support group and surround your self with people that are of the same mindset and change. Jim Rohn says, “If You don’t like where you are in life, Change It, you’re not a tree!”. That’s some Good advice.

Is there an Entrepreneur inside you just waiting to be set Free? We sure hope so! We Love Network Marketing because it gives the average person an opportunity to be Great and do things that others only wish they could do. Will everyone succeed at this Great opportunity? Probably not, but that is Totally up to You. Could You use some help in getting started? Well that is why we are here. We have learned to work with people from where they are at, get them the education and skills to start and then give them the support and training to move their home business forward. We have gone before you to learn what to do and what not to do so that you can lean on us for guidance. We have the training, we have the opportunity, we have the support and we are here to Help.


If You would like to know more about what we do, how we do it and most importantly How it can benefit YOU, then please reach out to us and lets connect. Let us help you develop a plan and map out a strategy that can Help You realize that Dream Life you want so badly. You can always learn more about what we do by visiting our personal website at DeanAndDena.com. You can connect with us via Facebook by clicking here, or shoot us an email or Something, Just reach out cause we are here to Help. We have a plan and we can get you started if you just make a move.
Simple Dream TEAM!

We can’t wait to meet You ALL, on the beaches of the world.

Ever Onward! cause that’s how we Roll!

Spreadin the Love
Dean and Dena

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True Leverage Makes You Money

You can trade time for dollars or you can learn to leverage the efforts of others to makeleverage more income. This is the concept of True Leverage. True Leverage means an increased means by which to attain a desired result. The everyday business man leverages his employees by benefiting from the work they do on a normal work day and leveraging their time and effort to increase his business value. The problem is that the working person that trades his time/hours for dollars can not continue to increase his time spent to leverage more money because there are only so many hours in a day that he or she can work. So how can You use True Leverage to create increased Your income?

Stop trading hours for dollars and start leveraging your value in the market place. We do this with the business model called Network Marketing. With the Network Marketing business model you can use your influence, and network of people all around you, to refer a product and opportunity for anyone to improve their Health, Wealth and Happiness. This business model usually has a low upfront cost and allows anyone, willing to put forth the effort, to accomplish a higher degree of Success in a Home Based Business. In Network Marketing we get paid to refer and move a unique product within our circle of influence thus creating commissions that increase with the number of people in our personal network of business partners we have shared with. We don’t get paid to recruit people, we get paid when we bring people into the opportunity and they purchase the product and refer the products to their network of people that we normally would not have access to. This is True Leverage!

overworkedWith True Leverage Everyone has the same opportunity to make more money based on the efforts they put forth to increase their network. In the typical business model the CEO makes the most money, the President makes less and answers to the CEO, the Vice President even less and all the way down management to the “employee” that does most of the work and makes the least. This is how most structures in business work and creates less leverage for the average person to make more income without climbing the company ladder. With Network Marketing Everyone has the opportunity to make more than even those above him if he is putting in more effort and moving more product. This network of personal business partners increases product volume and increases dollars made without having to hold a specific level at the top. You can increase your personal business structure by connecting other friends and associates to a unique product or products and it increases the volume of business in your personal organization that pays you on the amount of product or products sold. This is True Leverage!

We get asked all the time, “Well ain’t that one of those pyramid schemes?” And it always makes me chuckle because this same person will be working for a boss that has his company set up on that old “pyramid” structure. This question really comes from a lack of understanding about Network Marketing. Yes, you do get paid from the efforts of others below you because you and your organization are moving more product and creating more commissions for everyone. But even those at the bottom havepyramid the same opportunity to make the big checks if they are just willing to bring more people to the table and move more product than those at the top. This whole “pyramid” analogy usually comes from a true ponzi scheme type model where money is obtained in fraudulent investment operation where the operator, an individual or organization, pays returns to its investors from new capital paid to the operators by new investors, rather than from profit earned through legitimate sources. Where Network Marketing just rewards organizations or individuals for referring and moving a product thus paying a commission to a group of people that are leveraging the efforts of others. This is True Leverage.

When looking at Network Marketing opportunities you need to look for 5 Main Principals of the Business. They include:
* A Huge Expanding Market where LOTS of people are drawn.
* A Unique and Consumable Product that people buy over and over again.

* Perfect Timing to take advantage of a coming Trend.
* The Leverage to be able to benefit from the efforts of others.
* And One Super Lucrative Comp Plan

These are the five basic principals you are going to need to succeed in a Network Marketing opportunity. One of the biggest markets that has been setting many trends since the 1950’s and forward is the Baby Boomers group. This group was born between 1946 and 1964 and includes an estimated 76 Million people just in the U.S. and as many as 1 Billion people world wide. This group consist of one third of the population but controls 65% of the money in the market place. The Baby Boomers have been setting massive trends in the market place for many years and will continue to do so over the years to come. Some of the marketing trends coming from this group are Health and looking Younger, Retirement opportunities such as Network Marketing, Technology and efficiency’s and many more. If you can position your business in front of one of these, or all of these, then you are likely to take advantage of a major business trend and leverage this expanding market. These Baby Boomers are Not liking what age is doing to them and they want to be more Healthy, Wealthy and Happy in their aging years. If you want to be Brilliantly Compensated You must focus on industries and companies that have positioned themselves in front of the massive trends.

And that is Exactly what we are doing here with our Network Marketing efforts and leveraging these trends and American Dream Nutrition products to make ever increasing income via this Huge Expanding market, Unique and Exclusive Consumable products, Perfect Timing to get in front of the Trends and Leveraging our way to the top of the Networking Market place. That’s TRUE LEVERAGE!

If you would like to know more about what we are doing and how we are doing it, I would recommend that you visit our personal website at DeanAndDena.com to get to know more about us and what we are up to.  We have spent the last two years putting together the Best Opportunity matched with the best marketing tools available and bringing the Best most effective training to help You reach a level of Success you have dreamed of. Please reach out to us, via Facebook by clicking here, and let’s connect to discuss what Your Goals are and how we can Help You achieve Massive Success with Your Home Business. Join us Today at Simple Dream TEAM!
We have what YOU are looking for!

Can’t wait to meet You ALL on the Beaches of the World!

Ever Onward, cause that’s how we Roll!

Spreadin the Love!
Dean and Dena


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The Dream Catcher

The Dream Catcher originated with the Ojibwe people and later adopted by most Native Americans as adreamcatcher symbol of Unity among the various Native Nations. The mothers and grandmothers would weave magical webs using willow branches and sinew or cordage made from plants. It was believed that the Dream Catcher would catch the bad dreams and only let the good dreams pass to you in your sleep. Once the sun rose all the bad dreams and thoughts that were caught in the web would disappear.

We can learn a lot from those that have gone before us and lived a life that we can’t even imagine today. I think we could all use a Dream Catcher these days to help filter the negative dreams and thoughts we all must face in the day in and day out fight for control of our own mind. It is absolutely true that we are what we think and if your thoughts are positive and good then you can experience that in your life but if they are negative and bad then that will be your experience.

We all have Dreams that we wish our life would be like. To some it’s more time, for some it’s more money and for some it’s just a simpler life. Too often we get caught up in the “keep up with the Jones” mindset and think we need to have the new house, two new cars, the credit cards and material things that we see others with and compare our situation to theirs with envy. I know because we have been there as well. We had the new house, we had a Lexus in the driveway a Corvette just sitting there and our daughters drove nice cars as well. We looked like we were living the Dream but in reality we were up to our eyeballs in debt and really didn’t own anything. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with having the nicer things in life. . . when you can afford them. Just don’t become a slave to debt to the point that you loose control over your precious life.

simplelifeWe call it “The Simple Life” now. Our Dream was to get out of debt where we could enjoy what we made and live a life full of Joy instead of stress. We still have a nice quaint little house, we live on the lake with a boat in the slip, we have nice vehicles and all but the best part of all is we have NO payments. We do pay rent and it took us 6 years to find our current dream house that is a small cabin like place with a big screened in porch right on the lake, no place I’d rather be. We work for ourself, get up when we want and do what we want with whom we want and spend lots of time just enjoying LIFE. That was our Dream and we Love our Simple Life. We caught our Dream!

We don’t tell you this for envy but to say that after 54 years of living we finally sat down and decided what was important to us, where we wanted to be, and designed a life that fit that situation. You can do this too! If you are buried in debt, stressed to the max and not happy with your situation then You are the only one that can make the change. Maybe it’s time to Catch Your Dream and simplify Your life? This is a process and you can’t change your situation over night but you can change the direction you are headed. We see people all the time that jump into Network Marketing because they bought into the hype and thought they would make a fortune overnight. Problem is that Network Marketing is not a “get rich quick” plan. But it is a way to change the direction and reset the sail so to speak.

We love Network Marketing because it gives the average person the best opportunity to live their Dreammake it happen deananddena if they will just Commit, Educate and ACT. Commit to the process and find your reason that is going to keep you going even when your struggling to get started. Educate yourself with the knowledge to move your Networking journey forward. Learn what you need to become a Successful Networker and develop the skills to inspire others to do the same. But most of all, ACT! Take Massive Action and do the deal, don’t just talk about it Do IT! If you wanted to earn a Doctors pay you would have to commit to being a doctor, educate yourself on how to be a doctor and then go be a doctor. Networking is the same process. Commit to the change, Educate yourself in the “how” and Go forth and Be a Network Marketing Success story.

People ask us all the time “what are you selling?”. Know what, we sell the Dream! The dream to be better, to live fuller and Enjoy Life. The Dream to be who you want to be and to live the Simple Life that everyone dreams about. Can everyone do it? Yes but not everyone will succeed at it because their reason, or their “Why”, just wasn’t strong enough to push them to change. Want to change where you are then you have to change what you are doing and change your daily habits to lead your life in a different direction. Catch Your Dream!

We work with all kinds of people from different walks of life. Professionals, blue collar white collar, moms and housewives, young and old and it really doesn’t matter where you are, it matters where you want to be. We can give you all the tools and education to learn a new life-skill that can Dramatically change the direction you are headed. All you have to do is Commit, Educate and ACT! It really is that Simple!positive

Want to know more about what we are up to and what we are doing that might benefit you? You can always visit our personal site at DeanAndDena.com to get to know a little bit about us and what we are up to, learn what we are doing that allows us to Live the “Simple Life” that might interest you. We have the opportunity, we have the education and all the tools you need to get started and Keep Going, but most of all we have the support you need when you have questions, or need help in getting your business started and rolling like a freight train. Don’t go it alone, learn from others that have gone before you and lean on our expertise till you become the Expert Yourself. We can help.

If we can be of service to you just reach out and connect. We have many ways to reach us via social media, phone, email or whatever you like best. We are only looking for those that are looking for us and we certainly hope that is YOU!
Join us Today at Super Dream TEAM! You’ll be Glad you did!

Can’t wait to meet you All and see you on the Beaches of the World!

Ever Onward! cause that’s how we roll!

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Dean and Dena


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