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Everyone wants to complicate Success. It’s treated as a magical mindset that somehow leads to this mystical realm of being that only the special people reach. Well wrong, Success is defined as an “Accomplishment of a desired end” and it certainly means something different to each and everyone of us.

Success is simply a “result or desired outcome” and can be accomplished by anyone, anytime and should be celebrated in everyday life. Success is realizing that you actually accomplished something you set out to do, so, Success is a Victory!

Reading the great teachings of Tony Robbins, he has a Simple Success Formula that is very powerful and I would like to touch on that today.

There are four basic components of Success. These are Potential, Action, Results and Belief or Certainty. So let’s break each down to discover this Simple Success Formula.success formula

Potential: We all have potential and that potential is what motivates us to seek out, discover and research an idea, a business or desired outcome. Potential simply means “That which is possible”. Once you realize that your desired outcome has potential you start to realize that you can accomplish this and that it really is possible. You see others doing it or your experience leads you to believe that you too can achieve this desired outcome. Potential is what gets you started in the right direction and leads you to, “Action”!

Action: All the potential in the world makes no move without Action. Action simply means “To Do or Act of Doing”,  and yet somehow, this is where most people miss the boat. To accomplish any desired outcome you have to Do Something! Your potential should lead you to develop a game plan but only when you actually take action do you move toward your goal or desire. All the knowledge in the world is just info until you take action and make the process move forward. The most successful people in the world are not the smartest, they just toomassive actionk Massive Action. Action is one of the biggest elements for Success. Once you take action you get “Results”.

Results: Results are the Proof that the potential was accurate and the action led to a desired outcome. Results are what we are all really after anyway but you have to realize the potential, take massive action to get results. The result is the product of what you are trying to accomplish. But, don’t get too hung up on “results”. Too often people will take an idea, commit it to action and then just sit back and wait on results. If your idea is good and your action is massive then the results will take care of them selves. Don’t let the results get in the way of taking action. Keep taking massive action and you Will Get Results.

Belief or Certainty: This leads to the faith that you are on the right course, heading in the right direction and doing what needs to be done. This certainty acknowledges that it is possible, the action is good and the results are coming in. You create a stronger belief in what you are doing and that it can be done. This belief leads to more “potential” and that potential leads you to take bigger “action” which gets you more “results” and strengthens your beliefs even more. This is the Simple Success Formula.make it happen deananddena

Whatever you are working on or trying to accomplish can be done if you just stick to the formula. Create a plan, Take Massive Action, monitor your Results so that it strengthens your Certainty that you are on the right track. Don’t get hung up on any one component or wait for things to come to you. Make a plan and get after it, the results will come so believe in your self and Move Forward. The real “secret” to accomplish anything is Massive Action. Massive Action moves you forward starts spinning the wheel of Success faster and faster. Remember, all the potential in the world does nothing until you take action.

It can work in reverse even if your not careful. You can have great potential but fail to take action which will lead to less results and more doubt about what you are doing. That is a vicious cycle that leads to failure and sadness. Don’t go there, you are capable of SO Much More if you just try. Take this Simple Formula for Success and use it to move your life experience forward. You can find Success if you just try.

Hope this helps move you forward on your journey to Success. We use this formula in every aspect of our business and we know it works. Thanks to Tony Robbins for laying it out in such a simple format that helps us all understand the basic formula for Success.stay-positive

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Ever Onward!
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