Changing Lives

We have a Dream, a Dream so big and so inspiring that it’s just a little frightening. Not because of the fear of what might happen but because of the changelives2shear Magnitude of the results. See, we believe in Changing Lives! We believe that we are all summoned  to a higher calling in the service of others. People have become so self-serving and self-centered or somewhat selfish in wanting everything or expecting everything now. Some have lost the need and will to give to others in a way that might change someone’s life. When in reality, humanity is in great need of those willing to give and share without concern for a return on their effort. Giving is the Greatest Gift of all and Changing Lives is the best blessing you can ever experience. Changing Lives Changes Everything.

We have a Dream of helping people out of the struggle that has become everyday life for so many families. We have a Dream to Elevate others to a new sense of Health, Wealth and Happiness. Our dream believes that people can be Happier and live a fuller life if they just become aware of the power of the mind. Just becoming aware that you have the power to decide if you are going to be Happy or sad and learning how to control your thoughts by habits practiced everyday. New science proves that by changing some daily habits and being aware of your thought process can begin to change your level of Happiness and how you view your life. We believe that many people are in Great need of a brighter future and more meaning in their life so they can live that Happier and Fulfilled life we all really want.

We have a Dream of Truly Changing Lives and helping others to be more, do more and experience more out of life. Changing Lives by lifting people up out of the struggle so many people are living. The struggle of paying the bills and putting food on the table, the struggle of providing for their family and keeping them safe and well fed. Many struggle with health and basic coverage that is now required by law or penalized for not having it. People are in need of better health and nutrition to rise above the challenge of poor diet and fast food that leads to greater health challenges and cost. Families are struggling to make ends meet and keep everyone healthy and happy. We have a Dream to raise people up and help people to earn an extra income, live a healthier life and just be Happy. We believe in Changing Lives!

entrepreneur2We believe that there is a Better Way and we can share ideas and tools that anyone can use to Elevate their life. We believe that people are tired of the everyday life of a J.O.B. that they hate, trading hours for dollars that just barely meet the needs of their family. We believe that gone are the days of “Get a good job and retire in 40 years” to achieve the dream life. We believe that the formula for Happiness is all backwards and Happiness doesn’t come for working your life away to retire at age 65 and then be happy.  Success comes for first being Happy and doing something you Love so that you can retire early in life and have the resources to Enjoy helping others. We believe you are over worked and under paid and most people are Not Happy with what they do and how much they get for it. We believe that we can Change Lives through the Power of Network Marketing, it’s not perfect it’s Just Better.

We spent quite some time looking at all the different Network Marketing companies out there and even joining a few just to try their products and get a vibe of what they were doing and how. After a long search we chose to create our own program because we believe that we are truly on a mission to help people Live with Passion and live a Simple LIFE. We are changing the way people look a LIFE by creating a Passion filled LIFE Full of Purpose. Changing Lives by lifting people up and helping them to create extra income, experience travel and finding greater happiness by helping others. We are Changing Lives by Helping Others to Change Lives by helping others. It’s a Glorious thing!

We have No Greater calling in life than to help others to rise up and live a better life. We can do this through the business of Network Marketing and showing people how to live a Simple Life through it.  We offer solutions to everyday problems and help people to get headed down a path of success and happiness that can truly Change Lives. Our products can elevate your Health and we offer them at very affordable discounted prices. We can elevate your financial situation by helping you start your own business and work for yourself instead of that boss you despise so much. We can elevate your Happiness via better Health and better Wealth. We believe we can help Change Lives with our program and products and helping others do the same.

We have put together so many tools and training to help you get your business started and up and running fast. We don’t have a “get rich quick” planhelp we have a “Here’s how you start and build your business plan”. We know that the only way we will ever succeed is by making sure that you succeed with your new business. This requires a game plan, all the tools you need and a support system that walks you down the path step by step. Your Success can not be left to chance and must be plotted like a road map to your destination. Only by helping others to achieve success do we get to pursue our Dreams of Changing Lives. Ole Zig Ziglar said it best; “You will get All you want out of life, if you just help enough other people get what they want out of life”. What a great quote and inspiration to us all. If you just help others find a “Better Way” then you will begin to change not only their life but you will also change your’s in the process. Changing Lives and Helping Others, just doesn’t get any better than that.

If you are in need of a Lifestyle Change then Please contact us and let’s talk about how we can get you on a different path that leads to Health, Wealth and Happiness. We are putting all the pieces in place and have all the training and tools you need to get started and get your business up and running fast. We are 110% committed to Your Success and making sure you have everything you need, all you have to do is have the desire and commitment to change the direction you are headed now. It starts with You and only You can make that decision Today, Enough is Enough. Today, I will choose to do whatever it takes to rise up and live a different life. Today, I choose to be Happy and Successful!

We are here to help and we would love to have a conversation with you about what You want to accomplish in life from this day forward. You can’t change the past but you can sure change where you are headed. We truly believe that we can Change Lives and so can YOU! Just Commit, Educate and ACT! You can commit to change and learn some new skills that will get your headed in a better direction. You can Educate yourself on what needs to be done and how and we have all the training you need to get going Now. And if you ACT by taking Massive Action on your new  home business then you truly can Change Lives starting with Your Own! If you would like to know more about what we are up to and how it can benefit you then you can visit our personal website at If you want to know more about our Simple Life and the opportunity we are offering the visit our  site for more info.

We Believe that we can Change Lives by Helping Others and we would Love to start with YOU!

Can’t wait to meet You ALL! on the beaches of the World!

Ever Onward! cause that’s how we Roll!

Spreadin the Love
Dean and Dena


Having Fun with the Family!

Attract Your Best Prospects

There is a battle going on in Network Marketing between “Old School” and the new “21st Old-School-NetworkingCentury” style of marketing. Back in the day, before the internet, people would get into Network Marketing and we were all taught to make our list of friends and family and people we knew that we could pitch our opportunity to. This was brutal for most distributors because most people would run and hide just seeing you come their way. We practiced the “3 foot rule” meaning anyone within three feet was someone to pitch to, we went to malls and cruised for prospects and anyone that would listen was free game. It was a lot harder because we didn’t have email or social media or all the tools available to networkers today via the internet. But, it was truly a Networking business where you found interested partners, you built a relationship with them and helped develop them into committed business partners.

Then came the internet! Now you could access emails and have “instant” contact with many more people than ever before and as social media came around then prospects were plentiful. Now you could market to the world instead of just your own city where you lived. What a Great tool this was going to be in finding new business associates and customers for your product and opportunity. It truly was the Holy Grail of marketing, the future had arrived for Network Marketing! Problem is that the internet is just a tool like any another tool in your networking tool box and way to often people forget that “Network” aspect of Network Marketing and forget that they actually need to talk to someone to build that relationship and friendship that will keep them in your network over time.

downlineThe internet became a crutch to many that just wanted to market to the masses and some even boast of their “I never talk to anyone” approach. This type of marketing does get results but has led to the highest attrition rates we have ever seen in this industry. People use “hype” to lure in many new prospects and sign up dozens if not hundreds of new associates only to watch them drop like flies in the first 30 days because no one has any skin in the game. They focus on recruiting and signing people up, making their downline look good, but never train or spend time with those that are in their organization so people just quit in no time. They make fast start bonuses and front end money but they are never able to keep their teams together so they have to go find more, and more, and more, and so on, never realizing that they have created a vicious cycle of downline failure.

Network Marketing is a business that has the potential to lift people to great heights, when executed properly, and the internet can be a very good tool for building your team. But Network Marketing is a relationship business and should not just be a recruiting business. The internet offers some of the best tools for connecting and supporting your team and bringing Value to your organization via blogs, training, webinars and social support. Use the internet as a tool to “build” your business and increase your network so that your business partners become successful with your team and opportunity. Via the internet you can quickly connect with like minded people that want to hear what you are offering because people are looking to increase their standard of living and wealth. But “Everyone is Not a Prospect”.

We use systems to educate and school people on what Network Marketing is and how it works. We want people to know what we do and why, take their own time to investigate our opportunity and offering and then contact us for more info. We don’t just throw our business in someones face yelling “Join Me Now or you will miss out”. If people do not understand Network Marketing and don’t really get to know how it works and why then they will just drop out in a month because they don’t “get it”. We use tools and websites that explain the process and schools people on what we do and how it works so that they can decide for themselves if this business is right for them or not. We never try and convince someone to “join today” before the “special” ends tonight because this just gives all of us a bad rap and makes us look like a bunch of con-men doing a crazy deal. Take the time to educate people about your business and your opportunity and “why” it might be a great fit for them. Let them learn what it is you do and bring value to the process by offering training and support to show them that They can be Successful too. This is often called “Attraction Marketing” because you attract the right kind of prospects that are really looking for a better way.

Attraction Marketing is the absolute best way to find prospects and future partners for your Networking business. Take the time to set yourself apart from all the spam type marketers and really bring value that will attract others to you instead of dragging them into the process. Just like any other business out there, not Everyone is going to succeed with Network Marketing and that’s OK. But everyone that wants to take the time to Educate themselves about what we do and how we do it, and are Committed to learning the process, can Succeed if they Truly want it bad enough. It all comes back to “Commit, Educate and ACT!”, it really is that simple. Commit to finding your level of Success and discover your true reason that You are going to make it happen. Educate yourself on how the business works and what tools and training you need to be Successful with your new business. But most of all, Take Massive Action to create a Network of Success by building up people and supporting your TEAM.TakeMassiveAction deananddena We work really hard at making sure we have put together the tools and training you need to succeed in Network Marketing. We have done the due diligence on what opportunity is poised for massive growth and has the structure and foundation to be the next Billion dollar company. We have put together the tools you need to market your new business and make the connections to build your team fast. And most importantly we are here to Help You Succeed by offering all the support and training you need to build long lasting, life changing incomes through Network Marketing with our favorite program and Simple Dream Team.

Want to know what we are doing that might be of interest to You? You can always visit our personal site at to get to know us and what we are all about. We are only looking for those that are looking for us and are committed to achieving Massive Success in Network Marketing. This is your chance to work with someone that really cares about Your Success. Just reach out to us via email, social media or however works best for you and let us know how we can help move Your journey forward.
Join our Simple Dream TEAM Today!

Can’t wait to meet you ALL, on the Beaches of the World.

Ever Onward! cause that’s how we Roll!

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Dean and Dena


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Could 7 Minutes Change Your Life?

If we could show you how to Change Your Life in only 7 minutes, would you watch?

If we could show you a way to transform your current financial situation in a short video that is only 7 7minminutes long would it really be worth your time?

Well that is Exactly what we want you to do. Take just 7 minutes to watch this short video that explains exactly how you can begin to make money in your spare time and do it without having to recruit anyone or bug your family and friends about what you are doing. Just start making money and they will ALL want to know “What the heck are you doing?” that is creating a Positive Financial move for you.

We have always promised to “Not waist your time if only you promise the same”! We have spent the last year reviewing different opportunities and business models to find the perfect “Work From Home” opportunity that an Average Person, with no experience, can start to make money from the comfort of their own home. We realize that Most people are not master marketers or guru recruiters and don’t want to pitch family and friends on their new juice or skin care or whatever “flavor of the month” networking business that they are “doing”. Most people know very little about internet marketing or placing ads and following up with leads and all the things it takes to market the normal Network Marketing business. So we set out to find a way for you to start part time, from the time you have, with little investment, and start a business that can Actually make money from home.

All you need to do is go over to and watch a short video about this opportunity. Think about what you saw and watch it Again! Ask Yourself, Can I do this? The answer is Absolutely You can Do This! It’s not hard and we have all the training that you will need to get you started. More than that, we are doing this ourselves so we can help get you started and move you in the right direction to make this a complete Success for YOU!success for youNever have we seen an easier program that you can start with and be up and running in a matter of hours or days and making a profit from your efforts. All other Network Marketing programs only make you money if you can recruit people into the business and get them on autoship. Most people fail in Home Business because they aren’t good at bringing in new associates to buy their juice or over priced products. They start with great intention but realize that unless they learn how to do internet marketing and recruiting then they are destined to fail. That is not good and it gives this industry a bad rap. The real truth is that most people just don’t try, they get frustrated and give up and say that Network Marketing just doesn’t work. Believe me we have been there too.

Dare_to_be_differentBut this is different, You Can earn an income and Never sponsor anyone into the business. You can get started and building your business without having to prospect your friends and family. And once you start to profit and scale your business into a Real Income THEN everyone wants to know “What the heck are your doing?” to make such great money. Yes there is a Network Marketing side to this as well so when you refer anyone to the system and training then you make even more money for doing so. This is Truly a Win/Win for all. If you don’t ever want to refer anyone then you can still make money just working the system and making great profit, if you do refer anyone then you get paid very well for just sharing what you are doing. How can you go wrong with that.

Anyway, it took us a long year and MANY hours of doing our homework, talking with leaders in the industry and looking at many different business models to Finally come up with a system that works for anyone that is willing to put forth a little effort to get started. This is Not your typical MLM or Networking model and Anyone can truly work this system and make a full time income in the process. We have an opportunity with a 3 year track record and 2 Billion dollars in business to prove that this system really works if you are willing to put forth a little effort. Just watch the video at and Think About IT!

Want to know more about “Who we are” and what we are all about? You can always find out more info on our personal website at There you can find “Our Winning Strategy” and discover what we are up to that might benefit you. Connect with us or find us on Facebook by clicking here. We are Super Excited about what is happening with our Team and we could Love to share it with YOU!

Can’t wait to meet you ALL! Please let us know how we can help!

Ever Onward,


Spreadin the Love
Dean and Dena

P.S. Really, it’s Only 7 Minutes!



The Lighthouse v Tug Boat Parable


A Lighthouse can help save boats.lighthouse
A Tug Boat can help save boats.

But both do so in a Dramatically different way!

The Tug Boat works feverishly to push and pull, hook and drag, always striving to help, or save a boat in need. In the process it works itself ragged trying to get itself and another safely to shore. Always working hard, 24 hours a day and always someone else to save.

The Lighthouse stands tall and steady shinning it’s light for all to see. It does not boast or yell about it’s glory, it just Shines a beaming ray of light to show others the way. There is no pushing or pulling, no need to drag anyone ashore, it just Shines so others can find their way. Lighthouses don’t go running all over an island looking for boats to save; they just stand there Shinning the way.

tug boatThe Tug boat reminds me of the desperate Networker that is always pushing or tugging trying to get anyone to view their opportunity. They use hype and falsehood to promote hoping someone, anyone will just climb in the boat with them. Yelling about how great they and their opportunity are and yet they can not figure out why they just can’t seem to get going.

The Lighthouse just stands tall, showing the way knowing that so many are looking for the light. They do not have to yell or run around boasting about their one and only opportunity, they just Shine. They keep the hope going and show people the way to Success. They are steadfast in their work and don’t let the opinion of others decide their fate, They just Shine!

There is a Simple way for you to find Success if that is what you are truly looking for. You don’t have to become a cheesy salesman always yelling about your opportunity. Find the right Lighthouse and follow the path. You need someone that has the right opportunity, the tools and training to get you started, and most importantly the support to keep you going when you get lost in the fog. Then you can stand proud knowing that there are others looking for Your light as well. Position yourself as the Lighthouse and you won’t have to work like the Tug boat.shine

If you would like to see the light we are shinning out to the marketplace, just visit our site and we can show you the way! We don’t have to be boastful or hyped about what we do, we just have to be the Lighthouse and the right people will seek and find a real way to Success.

We have ALL the parts needed for a very Successful Home Based Business and we would love to share this light with you. You are welcome to visit our personal website at to get to know more about us and what we are all about. Be sure to click on the link Our Winning Strategy for a complete explanation about what we are up to. Success is a science not guess work. You have to have ALL the right parts and a game plan to execute the process to find True Success.

Want our Help? That’s what were here for. Visit our site and let us know what we can do to help shine the light on your dreams and goals for a better lifestyle today. Just reach out and we will be there.

Can’t wait to meet you ALL! ! !

Ever Onward! (like the Lighthouse)

Spreadin the Love
Dean and Dena


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Time is Not Your Friend


There are very few things we have in life that are more precious thTIME-OUT-LOGOan time. Time, I’m told, changes Everyone. We’re all born with all the Time in the World, or so it seems in your youth, then Time just passes by. Like a slow moving wind it just slips away until you realize that, Time is Not Your Friend.

Time has a wonderful way of showing us what Really matters. The very things we thought were so important as a young man and woman tend to change over time. We chase the job, the next big promotion, the new car and status and all those things we thought were so important and were going to make us so happy and yet it just made you want more. Next time, Sometime, Another time, what does it matter, we got plenty of Time.

Time-1024x861But then one day you realize that Today needs to be “that day” and Now is definitely the time. The wake up call happens and you start to think that if I don’t do IT now, then when the heck am I gonna get to it. You said you would do it in time, you just didn’t realize that time was not an infinite source. In fact, our lives are but just a blink in the scope of humanity and as much as we would like to pause, hold on, step off and just stop time, we can not.

Life teaches us to make good use of time, while time teaches us the Value of Life. You only get so much time so you better make the best of what you were blessed with. No one can predict time and time waits for no one. And, once the time has passed it is gone forever. You can certainly look back and reflect on it but you can not go back and replay times past. The time will pass if your ready or not.

So, don’t waist your precious time on all those things that don’t really matter anyway. All things in life are only as important as we choose them to be. Sometimes things seem So Important in the moment only to realize latter that it was just another moment in time. Be careful as your time passes and just make sure that what you spent your time on really matters in the end.your time

Time is not your friend because we only have so much time to spend. Do what you Love to do today because tomorrow you might be out of Time.

I pondered on this post for months wondering if I was just rambling, was it worth the time? I saved it to draft and would come back time after time until I decided, this is what I have to say! Time is SOOOO Precious and sometimes we forget to enjoy the life trying to make a living.

Take care of your time.

We take care of ours by living a very simple life. We are blessed to be able to live like we want, get up when we want, do what we want and just be who we want to be. It really is a Great Simple Life!

Want to know more about what we do and why then just visit our personal site at Check us out and get to know us a bit to see if what we do might be of interest to you?

Time for Change - ClockTake time to figure out what YOU want in your life and stop worrying about what everyone else wants in your life.

If we can help, just drop us a line. We got some time to share!

Can’t wait to meet you ALL! ! !

Spreadin the Love!
Dean and Dena



Simple Success Formula

Everyone wants to complicate Success. It’s treated as a magical mindset that somehow leads to this mystical realm of being that only the special people reach. Well wrong, Success is defined as an “Accomplishment of a desired end” and it certainly means something different to each and everyone of us.

Success is simply a “result or desired outcome” and can be accomplished by anyone, anytime and should be celebrated in everyday life. Success is realizing that you actually accomplished something you set out to do, so, Success is a Victory!

Reading the great teachings of Tony Robbins, he has a Simple Success Formula that is very powerful and I would like to touch on that today.

There are four basic components of Success. These are Potential, Action, Results and Belief or Certainty. So let’s break each down to discover this Simple Success Formula.success formula

Potential: We all have potential and that potential is what motivates us to seek out, discover and research an idea, a business or desired outcome. Potential simply means “That which is possible”. Once you realize that your desired outcome has potential you start to realize that you can accomplish this and that it really is possible. You see others doing it or your experience leads you to believe that you too can achieve this desired outcome. Potential is what gets you started in the right direction and leads you to, “Action”!

Action: All the potential in the world makes no move without Action. Action simply means “To Do or Act of Doing”,  and yet somehow, this is where most people miss the boat. To accomplish any desired outcome you have to Do Something! Your potential should lead you to develop a game plan but only when you actually take action do you move toward your goal or desire. All the knowledge in the world is just info until you take action and make the process move forward. The most successful people in the world are not the smartest, they just toomassive actionk Massive Action. Action is one of the biggest elements for Success. Once you take action you get “Results”.

Results: Results are the Proof that the potential was accurate and the action led to a desired outcome. Results are what we are all really after anyway but you have to realize the potential, take massive action to get results. The result is the product of what you are trying to accomplish. But, don’t get too hung up on “results”. Too often people will take an idea, commit it to action and then just sit back and wait on results. If your idea is good and your action is massive then the results will take care of them selves. Don’t let the results get in the way of taking action. Keep taking massive action and you Will Get Results.

Belief or Certainty: This leads to the faith that you are on the right course, heading in the right direction and doing what needs to be done. This certainty acknowledges that it is possible, the action is good and the results are coming in. You create a stronger belief in what you are doing and that it can be done. This belief leads to more “potential” and that potential leads you to take bigger “action” which gets you more “results” and strengthens your beliefs even more. This is the Simple Success Formula.make it happen deananddena

Whatever you are working on or trying to accomplish can be done if you just stick to the formula. Create a plan, Take Massive Action, monitor your Results so that it strengthens your Certainty that you are on the right track. Don’t get hung up on any one component or wait for things to come to you. Make a plan and get after it, the results will come so believe in your self and Move Forward. The real “secret” to accomplish anything is Massive Action. Massive Action moves you forward starts spinning the wheel of Success faster and faster. Remember, all the potential in the world does nothing until you take action.

It can work in reverse even if your not careful. You can have great potential but fail to take action which will lead to less results and more doubt about what you are doing. That is a vicious cycle that leads to failure and sadness. Don’t go there, you are capable of SO Much More if you just try. Take this Simple Formula for Success and use it to move your life experience forward. You can find Success if you just try.

Hope this helps move you forward on your journey to Success. We use this formula in every aspect of our business and we know it works. Thanks to Tony Robbins for laying it out in such a simple format that helps us all understand the basic formula for Success.stay-positive

We would love to hear from you about what it is that you want to accomplish and how we can help move your journey forward through a Successful Home based Business. We are here to help!

If you would like to know more about who we are and what we do just visit our personal website at and get to know us a little more. Connect with us and share your Dreams and desires you have for Your journey.

Can’t wait to meet you all. Please leave a comment below if this helped out in any way.

To Your Massive Success!

Ever Onward!
Dean and Dena


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